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Lazy Little Idiot

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I am cleaning the house because we have family coming to visit tomorrow night and will not have time tomorrow after cooking all food. If the house was cleaned (everyone helped) we had planned on seeing a movie tonight. As soon as it was time to start working  , I gave Little Idiot (SD almost 19) the easiest job: dusting. Its easier than cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning the refrigerator, wiping kitchen cabinets etc. Thr only thing I ask is that she move items and not just dust around them. I explained to her that things need to be moved but of course she completely disregarded me and was going around objects, leaving dust lines all over tables etc. So I took over her job and offered her any other job. Nope. Too hard and she disappears into her room. Lazy. Lazy. Lazy. Her house is going to be as nasty as her stinking hole of a room someday.... if she ever moves out that is. Oh well not going to be able to make that movie tonight. Sit in your room bored now that you quit your job. Idgaf.


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I couldn't do it.  I'd lose my mind, esp. with a 19 yo living there for FREE with ZERO responsibility.  I'd be heading out the door.

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Never cleans his room. It smells of mould, there are yellow mould spores  on his wardrobes, gecko poop everywhere its just gross. He has high school textbooks and exercise books piled on the floor when his wardrobe is empty

when he came home from university end of jan i reminded hubby the agreement he made with me, that ss had 24 hours to clscrub, clean, vacuum and mop his whole bedroom and bathroom or there would be repercussions. I don’t care if he has to study for exams, assignments etc he just needs to suck it up and do the friggin work. 

We have 2 toddlers at home and when one room has mould, that soreads everywhere.

when we have inlaws over and ss lays his laundry on the leather sofa in living room and dining chairs that family will sit on, i let it be. 

When inlaws come over going where will we sit, this is when i loudly call hubby asking why did ss stupidly put his laundry on the sofa and dining chairs. Hubby tends to catch it just in time and tells off his son where are my family gonna sit and ss looks confused, dumbfounded and goes “huh? Ohhhh. Mmmmm”

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You should see my SD27's place of residence. Gross.

She never lived with us and had no actual chores at our house, EXCEPT to pick up and vacuum her room before she left (which I made sure was spotless upon her arrival). She once asked her dad why SHE had to vacuum before she left. He told her, "because YOU made the mess, it was clean when you got here."

I have never, not once, been to any of her apartments and not been disgusted. Oh, and she does not have a job. Yeah, LAZY.

The last time we visited her, it took an hour for my nostrils to get rid of whatever was going on in her apartment. I think it was a combination of cigarette smoke, air freshener (to cover up the cigarette smoke because she swore that she did not smoke in her apartment), and just overall grossness.

How is the Lazy Little Idiot going to get through boot camp?

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My house often has a stench to it. The laundry room smells, the boys room smells like piss at times and the kids just stink up the room.

Dont care. Not my house. We will be moving in to a house that will be half mine in a few years amd if the skids want to live with us they follow my rules.

I think ill wait til the kids are older to buy so they can ruin this house which will NEVER feel like my home

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the biggest stenchof soury sweat so bad i was gagging and holding my breath.

ss19 had washed his laundry, a full load with basically 1/3 the required amount of soap and water so his clothes were never clean

he’s not stupid, he knows how to do laundry but this is his way to torture us at home. I waited till hubby got home from work, he was still trying to lock the front door when i told him to confirm i’m not imagining things and to smell over there and i pointed where he hubg his dirty laundry right next to our clothes and our baby daughter. Hubby wanted to gag too and was so angry his stupid son didn’t even wash his clothes properly.

he shouted for his son to come out right now and in front of me embarassed him so bad that his clothes are so disgusting, they aren’t clean and he needs to dump a whole bag of laundry detergent and wash it several times to make it properly clean..

never again did he pull that shit.

hubby bought and built our home but since i am the sahm who cleans and maintains the home, i refuse to put up with any foul smell of ss

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Once DuH tried to wash stepdemon’s bed sheets, pillow cases etc. He washed it properly but it still stunk.