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As if everything isn’t bad enough

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As if things couldn't possibly get any more ridiculous… Now I wake up to find that little idiot is going to get $600 a week with the new stimulus bill for not working for the next 4 months. The perfect excuse to be lazy! Ugh


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That's what I thought, too.  No matter much money she gets, we all know she's going to blow it on completely unnecessary things.  

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Meanwhile I will be running around working long hours while she sits home and buys shoes! When will she ever be hit the karma train??

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No the bill that is expected to pass on Friday gives the unemployed $600 per week for up to four months. That's more than she makes working! Even if they cut it in half that would be more than she makes

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She'll live up to her LI nickname and max out her credit cards because she'll have the stimulus money coming in.  She'll blow the stimulus money, and end up with high interest rates accruing on her cards she won't be able to pay off.  

Grocery stores and food delivery places are all but begging for employees right now.  This girl is going to sit around for the next 4 months with her cell phone plastered to her face.

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That's literally more than I make... working full time...  About to go get myself fired.. brb

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And this is why there were a few opposed to the bill and thought it should be reworded. 

And it should have been.Yea 

It makes no sense to pay MORE for unemployment than someone was making while working. 

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I agree completely.. Plus I went and looked it up... They receive that ON TOP of the state unemployment benefits they may be receiving.  So people will be making quite a chunk more than I am...

Plus as I work in public housing, I happen to know there's a large chunk of people unemployed by choice and already mooching... So I'm more than a bit frustrated that I have to keep working full time and they'll be bringing home way more money than I am, on top of the other benefits they already get from being low income. UGH.

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There are posts on Reddit suggesting that anyone making less than 50k annually get themselves laid off, as they'll make more $$ NOT working.

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And those people are going to be screwed when the stimulus stops, and they don't have a job to return to.

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AG and her DH might be able to convince LI to let them hold on to some of the stimulus money, but I doubt there's a legal way to make her do it.  

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If she's getting $600/wk on top of regular unemployment, she can afford her own place.  Maybe it's time for DH to nudge her out.

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Bingo! Perfect launch scenario.

If DH won't go for that, then skid at least needs to pay rent (to include "maid" and "food" value that she consumes).

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She just moved back in with Toxic Troll and Munchkin sd13. 

She was working 2 different restaurant jobs (gasp!) and was laid off.

She might be too lazy to apply for the unemployment, but dont they auto deposit on last years tax returns for that $600?

Little Idiot and Feral Forger should be friends...

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Auto payments for the stimulus funds will be auto-deposited/check mailed. The federal unemployment funds will likely be distributed by states with the state unemployment funds.