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I made SD18.75 cry tonight.....

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So we live in an old Victorian house.... and we have bats in the attic. Occasionally one will crawl down into the walls and if you’re really quite you might here a faint scratching sound. 

Well SD18 lost 19, heard one tonight in her room for the first time and came downstairs to ask what the noise was. Evil me decided to look at DH and say “oh dear, I’m afraid we have a ghost in the house” DH of course plays along and we go back and forth saying a ghost is making scratching noises and we’ll need to call ghost hunters etc etc. meanwhilr she is over there asking “Are you serious??? Are you kidding??” and after about 20 seconds of this we look over and she is starting to cry. Smdh. Please note that we make jokes about this at least once a month to her, so she has heard us say these things at least 10 times already but for some reason she started crying this time.



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to get rid of a skid.  what a baby SD is!!

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My DH and I changed my name and picture in his phone to "Santa Clause" over Christmas and he entertained my niece and nephews by pretending to text with Santa. I was in another room in my mom's house just listening to them get more and more worked up and excited. 

He sent a picture of each kid and I responded with the kid's name and some of the things I had in mind for them since they'd been so good this year. 

It was all hilarious and the kids were loving it...but I guess we took the gag a little too far because my 8-year-old nephew who's very literal got freaked out at one of the texts (I think I mentioned that my 5-year-old nephew needed to put his pants back on or something...). The 8-year-old started looking up and around all paranoid like the roof was about to drop on him and saying: "That's not right!!! That's just not right for Santa to be spying on us like that!!!" 

Then he wanted to sit right next to his mom the rest of the night and my sister was like..."Thanks a lot, TwoOfUs!" 

I felt bad. But this kid is 8...not going on 19...

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A great way to get rid of skids who have outstayed their welcome- 'Oh by the way someone came today and said we have bats in the attic- they say it's good to let them out around mid-night for a bit of a fly around!'

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LOL! I'm sorry, I shouldn't laugh over a person crying, but my DH have done exactly this. We'd hear weird noises and then really get into detail about the "ghost" in the house. Watching the kids' eyes widen was quite amusing to DH and I. LOL!