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Happy Friday!

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I'm sitting in my warm kitchen watching Little Idiot furiously scramble to scrape a quarter inch of ice off her car to make it a 30 minute drive (and the roads are BAD) to her 9:00am class. Queen of procrastination that she is. Not my circus. Not my monkey! Happy Friday! 


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School isn't closed? The Community College in my county is.  Maybe you are getting less snow.

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Nope, none of the colleges around here are closed and there's even a lot of school still open.

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Yup she just called to say she's not there yet and is going to miss her first class. She had to give a speech in it today too.

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I'm sure it was because of the poor weather and not lack of her not having a speech prepared. 

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Oops. So, now she knows that when the weather is bad, she needs to allow herself plenty of extra time. Not only to get there on time but for her own safety, so she can take her time on the slick roads.

Before I had a house and garage, I would put trash bags on my windshield (or she can buy a windshield cover). Scraping all of that ice off is not fun and is time consuming. As she now knows!

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We live in the Fingerlakes and we got smacked.  All local schools and libraries are closed.  It's still coming down and they are predicting winds up to 40 mph to blow it all around.  P.S. my DIL lives in Western NY (Niagara Falls)

Probably a foot of snow since this a.m.

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Suggest she put an old blanket or mattress pad or sheet of plastic over her windshield when she parks for the night. I would be curious to see if she would take the advice in order to save herself time in the mornings!