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Flight Delay

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Little Idiot’s flight has been delayed until 7pm tomorrow. Lol. One more day of freedom for me and a busy night for DH. That is all.


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Permanent launch date??? Lol you’re killing me! Now if you’re asking when her brief jaunt to boot camp is going to occur (followed by her return after a couple days) we don’t know! This recruiter is dragging her feet.

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Of course the recruiter is dragging her feet! Putting her neck out there for someone that ditched the first time could seriously mess up HER numbers!!! Why would she even want to really help her?

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This might be kind of mean, but I'm slightly disappointed your husband doesn't have to pick her up at midnight. 

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Me too but he doesn’t seem any happier about this. It’s gping to mess up his whole day tomorrow and SD is having to fork out the $ from her spending money to pay for a hotel, plus she’s gonna have to sit at the airports all day and even in the evening because he won’t be able to get there until even later than that. Hope she enjoyed her spring break! Back to reality.

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Wow. I'm surprised he's making her wait at the airport! 

Don't let him talk you into going with him!