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Fathers Day Gifts?

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Just curious as to what everyone’s thoughts are on appropriate gifts/gestures for Father’s Day from skids of various ages? Little Idiot (SD who is 19) gave her father the wonderful, thoughtful gift of ... a text message. This, after she blew all of her money from her part time job on buying expensive clothes and shoes for herself, couldn’t even scrape together $1.50 for a card and postage.


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What does your DH think about his text message ?

Some Daddees are  so starved for attention from the wayward rotten skid  they raised  that with even a single line of acknowledgement via text, email from their pwecious pwecious loin cast off causes  the Daaadddeee to swoon into a rapture of  gratitude.

Mostly coz they are carrying such a lod of  misplaced guilt  from the Failed First Holy Family experiment and the skids were all PAS'd by the BioHoBag against him that Daddee will take any little expression of attention from his  adult skid.

 Here is my free  crystal ball prediction for your DuH as a Father's Day gift: Skid Idiot will find some guy she thinks is hot with a couple coins in his pocket,reproduce and live in a shack somewhere .They won't live happily ever after .She'll be leaning on her father for handouts forever.

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I’m disengaged so I haven’t the foggiest idea. The odds stepdemon got his Dad a card are slim to nil.

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For the first year or two after separating from BM, my husband was “punished” by having his birthday and father’s day ignored by all his teen kids. After he met and moved in with me, we did get a Father’s Day visit. They came over for dinner, cooked by guess who. They arrived several hours later than agreed upon, bearing a card they’d bought on the way over. It was one of those “Loving you from across the miles” cards, it started out: “Even though we don’t see each other much...” 

We lived maybe 35 minutes away from them.

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those whoppers, do you?

1.  a hastily printed on an ink jet printer stock FD card with ink still wet

2. 3 lottery scratchoff tickets; one for EACH SKID to scratch off effectively turning FD into skid's day...again

3. a popsicle stick (used) as a bookmark with scrawlings by then 6 yr old YSS that look like were done by a 2 mo. old infant holding a crayon between his butt cheeks.

4. several "religious themed" cards that "forgave" Chef

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That "Across The Miles " card is the skid being creative in expression.

It is passive aggressiveness  while  employing the Sweet Lemon technique in psychology terms as the sender purposefully falls short and sends this bitter message wrapped in the guise of a card of remembrance ~   yet it is understood by a "normal"  recipient that the sender DID send and remember to take  a slap,an opportunity to ridicule and attack.  

When  the recipient in this case  is a  weak guilt ridden Disney Dad,  he's  like "well,at least I got a card so my darling child remembered me..."  as he hugs the card to his chest.

And DH may even punctuate that sentence with some defensive ridiculousness like : "You're just jealous" to his wife the SM when she points out the incongruity of the card and how it is an insult to him.


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They arrived several hours later than agreed upon, bearing a card they’d bought on the way over.

This is exactly what my SD did one year (but she and her then-husband were only an hour and a half late). DH saw them pull up and watched her take the card and envelope out of the store sack, then put the card in the envelope. She wrote nothing on the envelope and didn't sign the card. That was the only card she's ever given him in her 27 years of life and really, she shouldn't have bothered.

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Wow the thoughtlessness is just breathtaking, isn’t it? SDs here did at least sign their shitty passive-aggressive card.

They are often late for things, especially though not exclusively for any plans involving Dad. The excuse is always that they had to go do or get this that or the other before they could be where they’re supposed to be. No time management skills at all. BM is the same way. DH and I are both very punctual people.

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SD and her then-husband were never on time, other people's time was of no concern to them.

She got mad one Easter when she called to say that they were on their way (they were already an hour + late and we didn't even invite them, she insisted on coming over after going to her husband's mom's) and DH told her never mind, we had laundry to do. 

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Of course seeing Dad was a distant second or third in priority to seeing BM, seeing the in-laws, the list goes on. I love that your DH told her to forget it!

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This from somethingwicked certainly applies in the case of my DH: 

"Some Daddees are  so starved for attention from the wayward rotten skid  they raised  that with even a single line of acknowledgement via text, email from their pwecious pwecious loin cast off causes  the Daaadddeee to swoon into a rapture of  gratitude."

DH got one text and one call from the SDs.  You can bet that on Mother's Day, they gave NPD BM not only cards but gifts and visits as well.   DH says "I'm not bothered for anything more - I know they love me".  Really?  And yet they couldn't go out and spend £2 on a card and postage, with a bit of thought, a few days before Sunday?  I'm not impressed at all.  


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If I recall correctly  Kes, you and I have  experienced a similar DH/ skid situation ....2 toxic female trolls and an enabling Disney Daddee with a HCGUBM pulling the strings of the marionettes. 

Now that they are 40 something and we are 100% disengaged the crazy show circus has departed our lives.

Yes, the skids shit on their father every day  because they have been inculcated by  their mother to do so and passively encouraged  by the mute ATM Daddeee; but especially more so the punishment is keen on the special holidays.

That is when the extra turn of the knife reveals the depth of disdain through the skids "creativity" in hatefulness via paucity of expression . 

These skids are that faction of society that would send a starving man a can of beans with no can opener.Right?





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Oh believe me I didn’t say one word about that card. Not that DH would ever accuse me of being jealous as he is well aware I have zero such feelings when it comes to his kids. I wouldn’t want kids like that, or a relationship like that, if you paid me.

Agree that it was a total passive aggressive move. He didn’t seem too impressed at the time either. 

The SKs have in the years since, become a bit more human. 

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DH got an emoji from SD (60) who has been demanding money for grands college;  Got a card  SS (57) with words “wish I could find a gift to thank you” after getting a huge amount of money for his business; and two books from my DD, my DH’s SD (25) from an antique book store over seas with a card saying she loved him.  My DD has never received a cent from her step dad (my DH) and does not know how much he has given from our funds to his kids and left her out.  




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I think it depends on the situation?

I'm saving up and planning on soing something for my parents for their anniversary instead. So for mother's and Father's day I gave them both a call and sent some messages letting them know how great they are.  I did give them a heads-up as to the plan and they fully understood. Of course it may be different if I never followed through with things and they doubted anything would happen for their anniversary.  But as of now they know it's going to happen, so a call and a few messages let them know I was thinking about them.