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That October 6th is national “Transfer money into your daughter’s bank account” day? I didn’t either until I see in my newsfeed that Little Idiot shared it on Facebook and tagged the Skunk ape and her ex stepdad into that post. Another way of saying “Gimme $!” Such class. I guess I should be great full she didn’t tag Big Idiot into the post as well, except I know more pleas for handouts are sure to be coming. She still doesn’t have a job. Sigh.


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and it was a step-related situation. But I looked it up and that is an thing! That's disgusting.

(And, really, we all know there's not just one a day a year that occurs.)

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My daughter asked for money yesterday. For help with expenses to attend a conference (she's a grad student). And said it would be her Christmas present.

One year for Christmas I paid the vet bill to have her dog neutered. My favorite.

And I honor that as her Christmas gift. I'll get her some small stuff to open but once the gift budget is spent, it's spent.

And I'm not afraid that she'll stop loving me! What a concept!

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Even more strange of a concept... when I was a young adult, I wanted to HELP my parents and be able to give THEM money. Imagine wanting desperately to be successful in life so that you can someday return the favor and do for them. It’s a foreign concept these days. 

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The feces doesn't fling far from the skunk ape.

 I think I borrowed $500 1 time from my dad because I had just purchased a house and the water heater went.   I was a single mom at the time with 2 children not making much money and living in a dangerous neighborhood (with NO CS)

My parents had purposely moved over 500 miles away to keep from becoming an On call baby sitter to their grandchildren which I never would have asked them to do anyway.

 You would have thought I asked my dad for a kidney.

 I received a loan agreement with payments and interest shortly thereafter.

 When my paternal grandmother died and left me $500 the loan was forgiven.

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I think it’s fine to help out your kids on occasion if they need it for emergencies or whatnot. BUT they should be doing their part and working hard in life, not lazing around and always expecting a $ handout from mommy and daddy. 

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Ugh, these CODs on here are all so entitled and lazy!  I lived for years as a single mom and didn't ask my dad for a dime (even while not receiving child support).  One time I asked a friend for a loan b/c I had to move to get out of a bad situation and I paid it back right when I said I would.  I can't even fathom just expecting handouts like these kids do....and college paid makes me sick.  Right now I'm struggling financially and I refuse to ask my dad for help.  No way!  I would rather get another job to make ends meet.  I've been working since I was 14 and have to much pride in myself to ask for handouts...or think I am entitled to anything like that!

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Both of my SDs posted that too. Im will make sure I will tell my dadddeeee too as I am his only daughter Im sure he wants to participate