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13 Days Until Little Idiot Goes To Boot Camp

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First they told me she’d be gone in January (latest would be February), then it got pushed back to March (DH: “I said March all along! You must’ve forgot!”) then it became middle - NO the end - of April because SD thought “that’s when I’ll be ‘mentally ready’.... oh but maybe I can squeeze out the first week in May because that’s my birthday and I’ll get gifts”.

Does it sound to anyone else like she does not want to go? The problem is that she was provided with three options and not four: college, military, or full time job paying rent with a launch date. The fourth, which she would have liked very much, was: work a part time job, keep all the money for spending and live rent free for the foreseeable future. Up until a few weeks ago when she quit her job, that’s what she had been doing and it was a pretty sweet gig. She had the best clothes, the best shoes, and ability to try each and every pricey makeup gimmick on the market (which she took full advantage of). I told her and DH that she should save some of her money, but I was ignored. Now that the party is nearly over, I can Little Idiot is get more miserable by the day.

She went out for a run last night, but since it is April in NY, there was some rain earlier and the roads were damp. There was also a light breeze. Well she ended up “twisting her ankle” and had to stop. America get ready for the Coast Guard’s finest new recruit!

Also, Friday we are supposed to take her for fingerprinting. “Where do we have to take you?” “I dunno, I thought YOU were going to find that out” FFS do you want us to complete boot camp and create a military career for you as well??? Ask your recruiter and you better hope she answers in time, because I usually takes her 3-4 days to bother responding to your repeated idiocy. 

My mother said I look tired at Easter and I am. I am tired of cleaning up after 3 adults and getting no respect from DH. If/when this whole charade is over, I’m going to tell DH either she goes or I go and he can get an apartment with her and support her lazy butt. Good luck to him too because I know DH and he will go bonkers when the apartment needs cleaning and neither of them are willing to do it and since she can’t cook anything that doesn’t come in sealed plastic and can’t be put in a microwave, he’s going to lose a lot of weight. Half the business is mine (we built it together from the ground up and it’s not a business that can be divided easily) and so is half of everything we own so it’s going to be a real mess if we have to go down that road and I won’t be nice AT ALL in a divorce.



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You better hope her recruiter doesn't get a whiff of that. When I was in the DEP for the marines (short lived dream... Drama ensued... Still a dream... Should have gone and said f*** off to everyone else... Oh the regrets....) someone was even slightly injured, they delayed their boot date. They won't send an injured person to boot camp if they see it. Absolutely not. Especailly one that's already shown how flakey she is. I was shocked they were playing this game. She's already messing with their numbers, i doubt they want to risk that again.

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She’s not injured, just lazy and didn’t feel like running. So she made up some excuse to get out of it. She won’t mention it to her recruiter though. If she did that, they’d probably toss her at this point and then she’d have to answer the question of “what now”?

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As long as the recruiter doesn't get a whiff. I saw too many people get delayed for injuries they should have kept to themselves. Or "injuries" from being too lazy, but the recruiter heard and delayed.

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She can probably go to a local police station to get fingerprinted.  Where I'm from it's just a walk-in process, takes just a few minutes, and you walk out with the prints.  Quite frankly, I think she's going to come up with one excuse after another to not go to boot camp.  It's just been a storyline to keep you and your DH at bay.  

I also didn't realize a person could be so selective about when they shipped out to boot camp.  I thought the military told you when  you had to go and that was that.  

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They give you your pick of when you want to go in and then of a few dates during that time frame. Little Idiot told them “sometime in March” then changed it to end of April. They gave her a choice of several dates and of course she picks the latest possible one.

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Yeah, when I read blogs like yours, I count my blessings.  I only wish DH could just pay her without having to tolerate her bullying and dragging him back into court repeatedly. 

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Sorry, but unless she does a complete turn around, I don't see how she is going to make it in ANY branch of the service.

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in a matter of days, not weeks.  The only escape, I'm afraid, is divorce.

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Not one single person in my family (nor in DH’s family) thinks she’s going to make it through. I’m going to plan a huge boot camp graduation party for “when she gets back” with all of DHs family. I’m going to send out invitations and tell everyone (next week) to mark their calendars for this party. I’m going to really build it up so that when she washes out of this charade and her special party is canceled she can deal with all the humiliation.

ETA: Lots of DHs family members have served and most tolerate SD but aren’t exactly fond of her, so they won’t have much sympathy for her wasting tax payer $.

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Don't waste your money or your energy on a party. Channel it all into addressing what will happen when Little Idiot wants to return to your home after her few days adventure at boot camp. 

Have you told your H that this is it, that L.I. can't live with you any more?


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instead of a party, spend your money on a locksmith and change all the locks on your home.  So SD can not get back in