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“She challenges me every day” mini rant

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So goes part of the latest "Happy Birthday" post by the Skunk Ape for Little Idiot (SD just turned 21). She has a habit of once in a while posting on social media about what a challenge it was raising Little Idiot... how she is headstrong, defiant, difficult etc. I just think it's funny how even her own MOTHER admits that Little Idiot is a PITA but her father never sees it. SMH. He will occasionally note a shortcoming or two but for the most part he thinks she is great. No she is mouthy, sneaky, entitled and lazy. What is it with these men and their daughters?


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^^^^Same for me^^^^  Plus for most of the time he does see both SDs through rose tinted spectacles.  

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SO waivers.  He sees that she is immature but thinks she is sweet and well-meaning.  Not my experience with her at all and I tell him we'll have to disagree on that.

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Some people equate "fiesty and conceited" with "cute".  If you don't believe me, read one romance novel.