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Lock up your sons, Little Idiot is on tinder.

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Little Idiot is on the prowl for men apparently. Less than two months after her alleged “rape”. One would think after such a traumatic experience, dating would be the last thing on her mind... 

How do we know? Somehow her IPhone is linked to Big Idis, so whenever she downloads an app it shows up on his. Lol. And guess which app showed up tonight? Tinder! So he comes up to me and asks me about it. Yup that’s your daughter that downloaded it. 

Did you know..,

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That October 6th is national “Transfer money into your daughter’s bank account” day? I didn’t either until I see in my newsfeed that Little Idiot shared it on Facebook and tagged the Skunk ape and her ex stepdad into that post. Another way of saying “Gimme $!” Such class. I guess I should be great full she didn’t tag Big Idiot into the post as well, except I know more pleas for handouts are sure to be coming. She still doesn’t have a job. Sigh.

Thoughts after a long week.

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Its been a few days now since Little Idiot dropped the tuition bomb in our laps. We fought for two days and I’ve been angry/sad/frustrated/confused/a million other emotions all week. I think today was the first day I’be actually calmed down some. I talked to my mom. She’s always been my rock and my best friend. I’ve also been reading about other people on here, not commenting much because I have been feeling low this week. Just reading about the situations others are in. And lastly I’ve done a lot of thinking about my life and how good/bad I’ve really got it.

He paid for Little Idiot’s college classes - a rant

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Big Idiot paid the $700 for the classes (a history and a music class). God forbid she wait three months and start in the spring. Oh no! She gets what she wants and he “didn’t want princess to be upset, I mean she has just been through a traumatic experience. She might be suicidal.” Barf. 

The recruiter contacts DuH AGAIN

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So Little Idiot’s recruiter contacted DuH AGAIN. She is STILL trying to get ahold of Little Idiot. Apparently Little Idiot never bothered to tell her she is going to college even after we told her to last week before the big rape fiasco. So Duh texted Little Idiot again saying that he apologized to the recruiter and told her that Little Idiot has decided on going to college. Little Idiot never responded back.


Update to Little Idiot’s Rape (Long)

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So after my post the other day about the recruiter contacting DH, which immediately took a turn into the announcement that she had been raped.... I thought I would post some updates on how this is unfolding 

Little Idiot (SD19) didn’t give too many details, and she was taking forever to answer the barrage of texts sent her way, but we did gather the following information from her (and a few sent between DH and BM)...

-The rape allegedly happened a month ago. Not sure when BM found out about this but it’s been a while apparently.