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Fathers Day Gifts?

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Just curious as to what everyone’s thoughts are on appropriate gifts/gestures for Father’s Day from skids of various ages? Little Idiot (SD who is 19) gave her father the wonderful, thoughtful gift of ... a text message. This, after she blew all of her money from her part time job on buying expensive clothes and shoes for herself, couldn’t even scrape together $1.50 for a card and postage.

Little Idiot is gone but the resentment lingers

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DH made the bitter comment today that he “was forced” to “send his own daughter away to Florida” which tells me he is resentful of me putting my foot down and saying no more. I ignored the comment but I have a feeling this is going to be a sore spot if it doesn’t erupt into a full blown war soon. I am not sure how to handle this with him, as I believe the comments are going to continue and he is the type that will let his emotions build up and then lash out.

Little idiot is working at red lobster

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 Just like her mama (the skunk ape), little idiot has applied to be a server at the red lobster. I heard this through the grapevine (a.k.a. social media). She has also requested that we send some of her clothes and beauty products (of which she has many) down to Florida in a box.She hasn’t requested everything, I would say about 50% of her clothes. And none of her shoes (surprisingly!). I am trying to decide what to send. Although she gave me a list of what she wants sent down there but I am tempted to send everything or almost everything just because I want it all GONE.

Little Idiot wants to come back - 1 week AFTER boot camp ship out

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The “going away picnic” that got converted into a Memorial Day celebration was pretty uneventful. Everyone sort of gathered around to listen when the topic of what was going on with Little Idiot (SD 19) came up, so they were all obviously interested in this ongoing saga. I could tell by their reactions (especially my SIL, who plainly said it)  that pretty much all of them had zero hope for her ever joining the military.

Little Idiot is NOT going to boot camp

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Little Idiot was supposed to come back this weekend. DH’s family planned a big “going away picnic” for her and DH got her a cake.

I figured there was gonna be drama as she was supposed to come back tomorrow but I saw as of last night that she hadn’t bought a plane ticket..... didn’t say anything to DH though. 

Well guess who I get a text message from this morning?

Little Idiot!

There was a long phone call between her and DH and several texts sent but this is the gist of it:

- Little Idiot still doesn’t “feel ready” to go.

What exactly are we celebrating?

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Little Idiot’s “going away picnic” (hosted by DH’s side) is this weekend. Today he announces that we should get a cake for everyone ... decorated of course, in a coast guard theme. I’m here wondering what exactly we are celebrating? Her second “attempt” at boot camp where she is only marginally better prepared? 

In that spirit, can anyone suggest what should be written on the cake? Perhaps a sarcastic few words?


Even the skunk ape knows Little Idiot is .... difficult

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I try to give credit where credit is due and for BM’s part, at least she realizes that Little Idiot (SD 19) isn’t the perfect little princess DH makes her out to be. She recently shared a post on Facebook and tagged Little Idiot in it. The post was about how Her first child (not DH’s) was well mannered and gave her the confidence to be a good mother but her second child (SD) was the “wild child” and taught her not to judge other mothers lol. I showed it to DH. He was, of course, indignant over what he Believe to be an unfair mischaracterization of his daughter.

Little Idiot returns....

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.... in about a week, after her second vacation to Florida. I know full well she has spent the majority of her saved money down there, but as DH thinks it is “invading her privacy” to have access to her savings account, he is blissfully in denial. IMO as we are feeding and providing a place for this young “adult” to stay, we should have some say over what she does with her money. If you remember, this money (which after all her spending, amounted to a whopping $1,900 when she quit her job... and this was BEFORE her second vacation...