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Just as I thought, Little Idiot isn’t going to college yet

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Quick Update: Apparently she didn’t get her financial aid in on time and so is starting during the “Fall B semester” which starts in October. Whatever that means. She supposedly has an appointment for meeting about her financial aid with the college tomorrow. God it never ends.

Little Idiot’s First day of College

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And not a peep from her. No requests for money for books, gas, supplies or a car. No change of address. No calls to or from college. Ever. No idea how she’s doing this. 

My thoughts at this point are that she is not even attending college this fall. I think we have been lied to again and most of the time when I have a feeling something is going on with her, I’m usually right. DH believes everything that she says so there’s no point in saying anything to him.

Part TWO Little Idiot and the Coast Guard Saga: The End... or IS it?

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After hearing from Little Idiot (SD19), I didn’t say anything to DH about it. I knew he’d bring up the subject on his own eventually (which he did a little later). Please enjoy this trip down the rabbit hole...

DH’s thoughts were that:

1. Little Idiot thought that CG boot camp would be easy and when she got there last summer she found herself in over her head (Yes!) 

Part ONE Little Idiot and the Coast guard Saga: The End.... or IS it???

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Today, DH asked me to text Little Idiot (SD19) and ask her when she was coming up for ship out (supposed to ship out at the end of September and he was thinking a week or two before). So I did and for about 30 minutes, I didn’t get a response. Odd, because this girl is on her phone texting her best friend literally every five minutes. Finally she answers and says “Well I want to go into the CG but I can’t get ahold of my recruiter. I’ve tried calling her and texting her many times but she’s not answering me. So I signed up for classes at college just in case”. I tell DH what she said.

OT (sort of) - Cash App

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Does anyone have any experience with Cash App? LI’s “smile direct club” payments are overdue. She just paid $70 through “Cash App” but another payment is due in 4 days and she has a balance of over 1k. I have no idea where the money is coming from for this as she has no job. Does anyone know what Cash App is? Is it a credit line or something? 

Little Idiot update

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If you’ve been following my blogs, Little Idiot applied and was accepted at a college about a week ago. Classes start next week. I had originally thought she submitted an application for financial aid, however she never finished/submitted the financial aid application, nor did she go to orientation day. So I have no idea what she is thinking/doing. I also think she may have quit her job that she started 3-4 weeks ago. Who applies for college then does nothing else to actually go through with it? Since we pay for her phone I can see all her call/text logs.

Getting the popcorn ready

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Im so excited for Little Idiot’s big reveal I can hardly stand it. DUH was running his mouth (again). This time it was about the cops. He’s under the impression that all law enforcement officers should have to serve in the military so they don’t become trigger happy morons. He believes that the military teaches discipline and properly trains law enforcement officers far better than any ride along college course ever could. 

ALWAYS the eleventh hour!

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If anyone has any experience or knowledge of the college admissions process, please enlighten me as to what in the heck Little Idiot is doing!

I though she had already been accepted (that is what she told us last spring). Come to find out, she JUST applied for the fall semester two days ago! Do these acceptance letters expire or something? Classes start in 2.5 weeks. It’s rolling admissions, but surely it takes longer than that to process an application?