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Done with doing princess SDs dishes

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I told DH today that I will no longer be doing SD18 (almost 19)’s dishes.The girl has no chores or responsibilities outside from her part time funky job in which she gets to keep all of her money for her self and blow it as spending money.  I told him that I’m sick and tired of having to clean up after her. I cook her meals, he folds her clothes, and she has no chores around the house. All I’ve asked her to do is put her dirty dishes in the dishwasher and make sure her shoes are straight outside the door so I don’t trip over them.

Another reason for the failure-to-launch generation...

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I thought I would share an interesting article on the socially inept generation ....particularly because this piece was MADE for my SDalmost19....

According to this, more kids today....

- Prefer communicating through a screen instead of face-to-face. How will they survive in the workforce?

Just for fun....

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If you were to write a personal for your skids what would it say?

Here’s mine:

SWF,18, looking for FaceTime bf ONLY. No real-time interaction. Hate leaving my bedroom. No phone calls. I have phone anxiety. Text/message only plz. Any age/loc OK. Must take good selfies for FB, be willing to send me $ and tell me I’m pretty.

SD’s Imaginary Admirers

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Does anyone else’s skids have “imaginary admirers”? My SD18.5 often tells us stories of people who compliment her looks (the stories are always vague and alway conveniently happening when we are never around). For example, yesterday she says 

“People tell me all the time that I’m too pretty for the military”

Other statements include...

”Lots of boys in school would tell me I was beautiful and want to date me but I always said no” (She has never been on a date)

”When I went to ____, a boy was hitting on me”

Mini Vent - SD18.5 has Daddy plunging her poo

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Does anyone else find this deeply disturbing? My husband is constantly plunging the toilet after my SD18.5 plugs it. She eats a bunch of unhealthy garbage which I believed factors into her routinely leaving us presents in the toilet, but still at her age I feel she is capable of plunging her own poo and not just leaving it for us to find. And, to be frank, it is such a turn off to see my husband dislodging her cr@p on a regular basis that it makes me lose respect for him. Oh he also folds her clothes because apparently she is a toddler. Why?

Cat Dilemma Update

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Just wanted to provide everyone with a quick update:

SD18.5 was told NO to bringing in yet another cat into our already full house

I stood firm on being the bad guy. DH sort of backed me.

Less than 24 hrs after her epic toddler melt down, she back to happily hopping around like an oversized 5 year old coming down from a sugar high, cat completely forgotten. 

Cat Dilemma

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My SD18.5 came to live with us from another state last June. BM and her stepdad were divorcing and BM basically kicked her out of the house once the CS train stopped. So, with nowhere to go, she winds up on our doorstep ad has been here ever since. BM has refused to work her entire life, instead choosing to rely on our CS and the meager wage her 2nd husband brought in as a landscaper working for a company. She could easily qualify for assistance as well but never wanted to be bothered to take the time to go through the process.