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The promises of our husbands

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One thing that I have learned (the hard way) is that the promises of our husbands mean very little. Tonight as we were discussing plans for a little idiot (SD 19.5) to move out when she graduates in the spring next year, BI began to balk, just as you all said he would. You were right ladies. What he said and what he really planned were two completely different things. I brought up the fact that little idiot might have to have a roommate if she couldn't afford rent on her own with an Associates degree.

Why do you guys always think I’m lying?!

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We've been getting hit pretty hard with snow in our area. It started yesterday and already we have well over a foot. Roads around here are a bit slippery and occasional poor visibility. All day Little Idiot has been complaining about having to go to work in the afternoon/early evening. She was whining that her car wouldn't make it up the one hill on her way to work. I told her yes it would, they plow the roads and lay down salt and if you take things slow, you'll be fine. I also told her she could go around (would take an extra 10 minutes) if she was so worried....

Day 2 of the job: dead car battery

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Day 2 of the job at the greasy spoon: Little Idiot leaves the lights on in her car in the morning and kills the battery. She calls us in a panic, having a full meltdown, and freaking out after after she gets out of work. The first thing we hear is "her key is stuck in the ignition". We tell her to jiggle the wheel a bit and see if it will come out. No luck. Hmm very strange, Then, "well I think I left the lights on and the battery is dead" Ok, well that's your problem then - the truth comes out.

OT (Sort of) - The rise of ugly shoes

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I've posted once before about Little Idiot's shoe fetish but I just was curious if "ugly shoes" are now popular, because as I look at all these expensive shoes laying around, I can help but think they are hideous. These ultra expensive sneakers are huge! The soles on these things have to be 2-3in thick and the colors! The one looks like something 1989 barfed up! We are talking teal, purple, white, black, and sunshine yellow all on the same massively chunky shoe.

Shoe Obsession- Please help me understand

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Can anyone explain why someone would have an obsession with shoes? Don’t get me wrong - I like shoes, I think it’s nice to have a few pairs that are lovely of each type - but what possesses someone to have literally a hundred shoes? Little Idiot just blew all her Christmas $ and gift cards - about $600 worth - on shoes... Vans, $100+ sneakers, boots etc. WHY??? They are taking over my house! I’m swimming in a sea of friggin footwear! Uggs, Nike, Birkenstock... please help!

Another update from Little Idiot land

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So I took LI to the local community college. She has been accepted and on Friday I went there with her to fill out paperwork and hand in forms. There’s still a few things left to do but it looks like she’s all set to start in January. Since she has got back we’ve heard many stories of life in Florida with her mom... I thought I would share a few...