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OT - Was anyone sick in December/January?

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Just taking a poll - was anyone really sick in December/January with COVID19 symptoms?


So remember how Little Idiot went through the whole rape thing and we had to pay for her friend to come visit from Florida for "moral support" because she was just oh-so-traumatized?

Well we just found out prior to this that this friend had been in Peru visiting family right before coming to New York. And now this girl arrived SICK. Coughing, sneezing sick and she shows up on our doorstep. Wonderful. This was around mid December.

Am I being unreasonable? Rant

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Little idiot is still happy as a pig in you-know-what. The best possible thing that could've ever happened to her has happened - she gets paid to stay home (actually will make waaay more money via the stimulus checks) and lay in bed all day! I kid you not this is ALL she has been doing for the past (three? four? Five??) weeks now. She lays on her bed and watches TV and occasionally surfs Tinder. I can't even keep track anymore of how long it's been. It feels like it has been an eternity and there is still no end in sight.

Little Idiot opens up another credit card ... then lies to our face

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So what should arrive in the mail today? A American Eagle Visa card in Little Idiot's name. When asked about it she claims they gave her 30% off her purchase just for applying ("of course I wasn't going to activate it!!" I'm not irresponsible!!") 

Hmm then why did you take it upstairs and not cut it up?

Two hours later we open up the laptop to do some work and Little Idiot has left her email open. 2 hours prior ... "Thank you for activating your American Eagle Visa card" "Your AEO account is all set up. You're ready to go!"

Little Idiot May Be Out Of A Job- NY closes all restaurants and bars

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It was just announced that the state of New York is closing all of the restaurants and bars. Starting tonight they are only allowed to serve take out and delivery. Little idiot has been working as a hostess/cashier at the local greasy spoon. No word yet on if she still has a job. What will happen to the servers? Who will get laid off and who will be kept? 

Out of the mouths of Little Idiots

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Some wonderful comments from SD(almost 20) this week that I thought I would share so we could all laugh:

1. "Whenever one of my friends (don't lie LI, you only have one friend and she is in HS down in Florida) asks me if they look good I don't tell me them they look bad ... but I also don't tell them they look good either. I just say your look OK' because, I mean I'm not gonnavonpliment them if it's a lie"

2. "Maybe I'm just heartless but, yeah I don't really care if my nana dies. I mean, she's old. I just want to go to FL to get a tan"

Pandemic = Extended Spring Break!

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As I mentioned in one of the comments on another post, Little Idiot (SD20 in 1.5 months) is planning to make use of her quarantine vacation by traveling down to FL to visit the Skunk Ape and Gma Skunk Ape. She originally had said it was because her grandmother "wasn't doing well". Then a few days later admitted that she "just wants to get a tan and spend time at the beach" in front of DH and I. 

Now normally I would be happy to get a break from her but I'm not this time and here is why:

1. I think the purpose of this quarantine is to be quarantined and not act selfishly

Coronavirus Part 2: Do you ever feel like the universe is trying to tell you something

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Mini rant ... I recently posted about my fears that the Coronavirus will close schools and Little Idiot (SD almost 20) will go back to spending all her time at home. Now as colleges in NYC begin to close, it seems like that’s exactly what is going to happen. Decades of normalcy and then this hits in her very first semester. I am already struggling with her living with us and the possibly of months of closures potentially setting her graduation date back again just... feels like the universe is trying to tell me this relationship is not where I’m meant to be.