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AlmostGone up and went update

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Hello friends. I wanted to post an update for everyone. I'm sorry I left abruptly and was gone for so long, leaving everyone wondering. I just couldn't find the energy to write down everything that has happened since I left in May. I also wanted to take time and let my heart heal some before getting anyone's options or thoughts.

Almostgone update coming

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I'm going to post an update soon. I just need to get up the energy to put everything that's happened into words. I lot has been happening over the past few days. I'm not going back and Little Idiot is moving back to Florida (just like I suspected - no one except BI can handle her, not even her own brother). Looks like she's going to darken The Skunk Ape's door for a while.


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Ive decided to rent out my parents summer cabin from them and stay there for a while. Its winterized with water, plumbing and electricity and right near my hometown.  The only thing is it's a mile off the road so I will need to have someone plow the drive going back when it snows. I am going this weekend to pick up more of my things. My family never uses the property anymore and they were excited to have someone there just to maintain the property and keep an eye on things.

AlmostGone up and went - no update

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I'm not quite ready to post an update yet. Mostly because nothing has happened other than H has attempted to contact me several times. I haven't answered. I'm just taking a few days to think and do nothing right now. One thing that was said before I left that's been bothering me is he said LI was upset and crying because she wants to have a mother daughter relationship with me and I don't want to and she doesn't understand why I don't like her. Part of me feels bad but no I don't want the role of substitute mommy for the skunk ape and no I don't like her. Both these things are true.

AlmostGone up and went

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I feel so lost. I'm currently sleeping (well not sleeping. I'm wide awake actually) in my parents spare bedroom right now. After yet another big argument with LI (she started back talking to me) I got fed up and left. Here's what happened:

LI went on another shopping spree today. I reminded her with the following text message about not dying her hair at home because she makes a big mess. (DH totally backs me up on this)

ME: Just a reminder no dying hair in the house (thumbs up emoji, smilie emoji)

LI: I'm not dying my hair. IDK where you got that from

Just for fun ... “It’s such a shame” Game

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Unfortunate things seem to happen to our poor skids all the time. Just for fun today let's play the "It’s such a shame” Game. I will start off with a few

It's such a shame when every time Little Idiot tries to take a shower at night, the dishwasher needs to be ran.

It's such a shame whenever she leaves her clothes in the washer/dryer for days a sock or article of clothing goes missing 

It's such a shame when we leave for work and she is still sleeping her days away, the alarm in our bedroom mysteriously gets set to go off shortly after we are gone 

Update to LI’s first day in the job

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So after saying the road was closed (and refusing to drive back down after my brother who lives nearby went and confirmed that despite the construction you CAN get to the job location by you know driving around the sign since we have business there) DH decides that it's probably not a good idea for her to work for the business. I have a major headache from all of this today. It was a s- show. She refused to drive back saying she had to "work on a speech" for one of her classes so we had to get a backup.

First day on the job and Little Idiot strikes out

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Little Idiot (SD20) was given a job to do by DH. Since she is unemployed he thought having her work for our business would give her a little spending cash. This job (her first and only job so far) involved driving to one location in a residential area. It was about a half hour away. The residential road where the location sat was "closed" according to LI. She did not want to drive around the closed sign because she feared getting a ticket. So the job never got done. 
Im sitting here watching and waiting for the two of them to figure out what to do...