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13 Days Until Little Idiot Goes To Boot Camp

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First they told me she’d be gone in January (latest would be February), then it got pushed back to March (DH: “I said March all along! You must’ve forgot!”) then it became middle - NO the end - of April because SD thought “that’s when I’ll be ‘mentally ready’.... oh but maybe I can squeeze out the first week in May because that’s my birthday and I’ll get gifts”.

Lazy Little Idiot

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I am cleaning the house because we have family coming to visit tomorrow night and will not have time tomorrow after cooking all food. If the house was cleaned (everyone helped) we had planned on seeing a movie tonight. As soon as it was time to start working  , I gave Little Idiot (SD almost 19) the easiest job: dusting. Its easier than cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning the refrigerator, wiping kitchen cabinets etc. Thr only thing I ask is that she move items and not just dust around them.

Update: Little Idiot quit her job

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Little Idiot (SD t-minus 2 weeks to 19) quit her job over the weekend due to “bullying”. While numerous people at the store where she worked picked on her, there was one older gentleman (about 60, according to SD) who was particularly insulting. Of the many things that were said about her there the following points upset her the most:

- She was called “lazy” lol lol lol I have known this for a long time, everything she does (if she doesn’t manage to squeak out of it) is done begrudgingly and half-@**ed 

Little Idiot wants to quit her job

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Little Idiot (SD almost 19) announced last night that she wants to quit her part time job. Apparently everyone in the grocery store is being “mean” to her, in particularly this one older gentleman (who is apparently about 60). According to SD, he keeps insulting her, telling her she's never going to make it through boot camp and will probably end up living in a cardboard box. He also told her she was ugly (all in front of the manager. Stepdaughter is apparently getting bullied at her part time job in the meat department. She wants to quit.

Why oh why do they keep sending her home??

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Small vent: Little Idiot (SD almost 19) has only been back a couple days and already I am ready for her to be gone! The meat department keeps sending her home after working for about 3 hours because they “aren’t busy” so she is here all the time. So frustrated!! It seems like her work schedule is getting shorter and shorter. Are they getting sick of her too??

Funnies from the FL Skunk Ape

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So Little Idiot (SD almost 19) just came back from her vacation in FL last night. Apparently on the last day, she squeezed in a few hours of time with The Skunk Ape (her mother - the one who kicked her out as soon as the CS well ran dry at 18). I don’t mind, I was actually hoping that they would reconcile and maybe she would move back with her but alas the arguing apparently continued. MOTY has to have her Facebook photo op to keep up appearances which was I suspect the real reason for the visit.