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“She challenges me every day” mini rant

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So goes part of the latest "Happy Birthday" post by the Skunk Ape for Little Idiot (SD just turned 21). She has a habit of once in a while posting on social media about what a challenge it was raising Little Idiot... how she is headstrong, defiant, difficult etc. I just think it's funny how even her own MOTHER admits that Little Idiot is a PITA but her father never sees it. SMH. He will occasionally note a shortcoming or two but for the most part he thinks she is great. No she is mouthy, sneaky, entitled and lazy. What is it with these men and their daughters?

Opinions please.... BM and her clan using our Netflix

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So Little Idiot (SD21) gave The Skunk Ape (BM) our Netflix password. Now I didn't mind. I knew she had it and it wasn't going to be a hill for me to die on but now.... I can't log in and watch it because "too many devices are using it right now". That is the error message I get. They limit you to 4. We pay $15/month for the service. 

You can see the devices using it and all are from down in the Skunk Ape state. So it's all people that Little Idiot gave our password to. DH and I are at odds about what to do.

The Return of Little Idiot

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So Little Idiot (SD21) is coming to visit at the very end of August. Supposedly she is graduating with her 2 year degree in (I am assuming either Liberal Arts or Criminal Justice). She is supposedly going to be a medical examiner which means she would have to transfer next fall or this summer to another college. Well that doesn't seem to be happening as she is coming for a visit on the exact day that classes begin. She is driving back with her brother and then (I guess) flying back after a week or two. 

Thoughts on boundaries

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I have a confession to make... I should have never involved myself with a man who has kids. I made a mistake. I had absolutely no idea the issues that come along with it. I was clueless. I didn't give it much thought. I was younger and had other things on my mind. All the problems that come along with dating or marrying a divorced dad were not even on my radar. Sure I knew DH had a daughter and we saw her EOWE and that was fine but did I think about the future? Did I think about the what if's? What if BM is crazy? What if SD turns into a spiteful brat?

Little Idiot’s 3rd Job in FL

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Little Idiot is looking for yet another job... If she is still keeping her other two jobs, this would be her 3rd job. One would think she is a hard worker... unless you have lived with her before and you know the truth. My guess is she is still up to her old tricks and is trying to do as little as possible at these jobs, taking all the time off she can get to spend with Goofy and getting tons of "days off". No DH, she is not a hard worker. It's just that after a while her hours start getting cut back more and more until she has to work 10 jobs just to get part time work. 

“I don’t really have a daughter anymore”

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... or so says DH whenever Little Idiot (SD almost 21) is brought up these days. Not in an accusatory way. Not in a way that makes it seem like he blames me or even that he really cares all THAT much. But since she moved back to FL they have resumed their 2x/year texts (once on his Birthday to say "love you/happy Birthday" and once on hers to say the same).

Dr. Little Idiot (unrealistic expectations)

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At what point fellow STers can we call a spade a spade??

For almost ten years now I have had to sit back and pretend that Little Idiot was going to do amazing things with her life. I remember when she was in high school her and I first met her father he would tell me she had excellent grades and was planning on becoming an officer in the Coast Guard. She was going to the prestigious Coast Guard Academy, an elite training school and would then make a career out of the military (and isn't it oh-so-noble of her to be serving her country)??

Holier than thou Little Idiot - mini vent

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Little Idiot has on many occasions proclaimed that she wants to wait for marriage before -ahem- doing the dirty deed. She is one with the cross and has numerous religious/cross necklaces and now several cross tattoos as well. Never mind she hasn't spent a day in church since maaaybe middle school and doesn't own a Bible (nor does she follow a single one of the 10 commandments except maybe thou shall not kill.... unless that includes ferrets...). Nevertheless, according to herself she is quite the pious one and DH is quite the proud papa.