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Did she make it up or is it PAS?

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We found out that back in May sd12 was told DH didn't want her to come out here to visit, that he only wanted to see SD13. She had unfriended dh on fb but he thought it was for his annoying memes, he talked to her on the phone and she never said anything, but MIL showed me the emails between her and SD12 where she said she found out DH thinks she'll cry the whole time and he would rather just have sd13.

The reality is he told BM SD13 should stay the whole summer but we don't want SD12 to feel forced, she can stay a week or two whatever she's comfortable with because she gets really home sick and stressed and we don't want her to be uncomfortable. SD13 was having some issues with cutting and depression and he wanted to see if the change of scenery would help.

He blew up on BM for not telling him SD12 has been thinking that for the last 4 months. She said "I told her she should talk to you about it."

He called sd12 and when he asked where she got that notion, she refused to talk to him.