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What "crazy meds" are ya'll on?

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I am thinking of switching from lexapro to something else. It has pooped out on me.

I quit xanax about 6 months ago. Trying to stay away from the "benzo" drug class.

Anyone else on crazy meds? I wish vitamins and exercise did the trick but they don't...


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I'm on a low dosage of Xanax, but it is for PMS. It seems to be helping. I haven't wanted to kill anyone in months. Blum 3

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I've taken Effexor for a few years now. Was on others before this. But Depression runs in our family, and anxiety as well.

I take Xanax for travel anxiety, and panic attacks. I don't take it on a regular basis, only if absolutely needed.

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I was on effexor before lexapro. It worked VERY well but was very tough to get off of for me. I tried to get off of it too fast.

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So true. If I miss more than 1 day, I get really nauseous and dizzy. I dread the day I have to change meds Sad

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I take Cymbalta for pain management, but it can also be used for depression. I lost a significant amount of weight taking it.

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I take Effexor for panic attacks. I haven't had a panic attack in over a year, but I hate the side effects. I get these "zapping" noises in my ears and hear a ringing in my ears all the time. I'm seriously considering stopping it just because of that. It's beyond annoying. Does anyone else get weird side effects from these meds?

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I got those same exact side effects. The ringing in my ears did eventually go away after I got off of effexor and xanax.

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I only notice weird things if I miss a day or two. I have ringing in my ear from a gunshot, so I hear that anyways Dirol

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If you're having issues finding something that works for you, there's a DNA test that breaks down how you metabolize & tolerate all sorts meds. Narcotic pain meds, what they use to knock you out for surgery, anxiety meds, OTC stuff like Aleve, antipsychotics, antidepressants, etc. I had it done when I had cancer & no pain med was working for me. So glad I had it done, because as you can imagine, I was also quite depressed. I went through a shlew of meds before having that test done & now I know what works for me so no more trial & error, like with anything. Have your parents taken anything? Those are the best people to ask for a recommendation, similar DNA & all.

To really answer your question, I feel like I've tried it all. Prozac (it's ok for me), Zoloft (bad headaches), Wellbutrin (made me nauseous at first then lost too much weight), cymbalta (hate it made me severely anxious), Effexor (liked), celexa, something else that begins with a c (cypralex or something like that & I liked it), lexapro (headaches & weight gain), Paxil (made me angry), Xanax (hate makes me angry), Valium (love saved my life with cancer but only ever use temporarily), Ativan (only ever use for MRIs or that kind of thing & I prefer Valium), buspar (<3 if you have long term anxiety) seroquel (for sleep & it's horrid to come off of so never ever again), etc. I tend towards sleep issues, both falling asleep & staying asleep. I prefer something that doesn't give energy, because of that. Wow do I look crazy with my list. I'm not currently on anything, but I've definitely been thinking about it again dealing with step bs.

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I went to an inservice where they talked about the DNA testing for medications and what you are susceptible to - it was awesome, I learned so much! But unfortunately costly and not catching on in this area yet.

I am on Wellbutrin - it takes away the urge to knock their heads together. And PRN Xanax for those times their crap is magnified by 5 (1 BD, 4 skids). I haven't physically hurt any of them... yet. Biggrin

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I'm on:

150mg Venlafaxine
300mg Wellbutrin
175mg Lamictin
50mg Seroquel
And.... a super hot guy.

The last one improves my mood best! Blum 3

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I thought Lamictal and Seroquel were for bipolar disorder, do they work for other things as well?

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Lamictal is a mood stabilizer and has some anti-depressant qualities. It changed my life. I use it w/Lithium and the combo keeps me even.

I have Bi-Polar II. The mood swings are not as intense as Bi-Polar and depressive episode are more prevalent than manic episodes. Since Lamictal helps a little with the depression, it is often the perfect drug for someone like me.

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I thought I heard that Lamictal was a mood stablilizer.

That's awesome, so glad it works for you! Smile