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Only 604 more days until SD turns 18....

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She will (hopefully) be out of high school by the time she turns 18 seeing as she is supposed to graduate at the end of May 2020, BUT I highly doubt that will happen. I also highly doubt she will comply with our rules which are to be in college within 6 months or find a full-time and move out (assuming she graduates) OR become a 2nd year senior OR get her GED. I have a very good feeling that she will choose to move in with her mom (or in her words myyy mommmmy). Dear Lord, please please let this happen!! I hope she gets her HS Diploma, but go! She can't stand living with us anyway because, you know, we have rules and you actually get punished. SMDH.


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I wish we were in counting days till I didn't have to deal with my DH ex wife, but sadly we have a decade remaining.  Ugh.  Congrats on the 604.  Perhaps I should make a year calendar and celebrate EVERY Skidz birthday for a different reason lol!  Then when I get to 3 years make a month calendar and do a happy dance every time another month disappears.  Lol!  Something to hope for.

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I had to check to see if I wrote this.  LOL.  SD moved out on her 18th bday b/c she said she couldn't stand to live one more day under our roof.  You know b/c we had rules as well.  She moved in with a family member (not BM) and then quit going to school, barely graduated and is now not going to college.  After high school BM "made" SD move back in with her.  SD now works fulltime (if you want to call it that b/c it's more like part time after all the time she calls off) for DH.  BM text DH a few months back and said she was going to start waking up in the morning to make sure SD got out of bed and came to work.  It's a real shame that you have to make sure your 19 year old can be responsible enough to actually go to work.

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LOL RIght?! Me too! SD is 18..I was ready to kick her to the curb this coming May 2019. That was her original graduation date, but that ain't happening...Now she'll be LUCKY to graduate in May 2020, but at the rate she's going that won't happen either. This kid probably won't graduate until she's 20. DH has encouraged her to just call it done and get her GED, but I think she's too embarrased to make that move. She still thinks she graduating in 5 months....delusional much? The plus side is she lives with GMA now!

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days until Munchkin is 18. Thats 5 years, 6 months and 27 days. Thats how long I get to deal with Toxic Troll. who just asked for the car that DH was supposedly giving Toxic Feral eldest SD19.5 who sill doesnt have a drivers license!

LOL. Shes high.

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Lucky, where I live in Canada age of majority is on their 19th b-day. We've got a long 8, 7 and 13 years to go!

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which is ridiculous.  SD20 is just sitting on her ass, working at a part time pizza job and living with the Girhippo while Chef pays her to do so.   In other news, YSS stb 16 has skipped school for 3 days in a row now!  YAY!!

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Where we live, SO has to take care of SD18 until she's 25, as long as she stays in school. Ans he has full custody. Depressing...