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Not looking forward to SD17 coming home

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She comes back home Sunday at 7:30 p.m. Even though by the time DH picks her up from the airport and they get home it'll almost be my bedtime, I am dreading it. She is whiny, immature, lazy, and the pickiest eater I've ever encountered. I can already see her picking her through her dinner Sunday bc 1 piece of corn touched her rice. SMDH I keep telling myself only 1 more year, but the fact is (I just recently confirmed via the new school connect for parents to monitor grades, etc.) that she is NOT on track to graduate. She will most likely get a certficate of completion instead. She cannot pass and has not passed any of her core classes required for graduation. My only hope is that she is okay with that and still goes to live with BM after she "completes" high school in 10 months.

Let my stress and anxiety commence.


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That what for dinner or PB&J.   Just stop doing thing for her. Let DH do it all

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he does most of the cooking, but in our house we sit down at the table and eat as a family every night. It is rare these days in most homes, I know, but we do it. He (we) are strong believers of you eat what you are served, this is not a restaurant. is easier said than done when I have to sit and physically watch her sigh and pick around at her dinner.

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My sister is also a picky eater and even at 54 years old hates her food touching.  

When she was a teenager my mother bought her one of those separation plates.  She would be mortified if it was on the table if her friends or other family members were over.

She still uses it.

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We use those too! You know it's hard to make sure every piece of rice and corn stay in their little spot while dishing it out though and/or while eating. LOL. It's just crazy to me and annoying.

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My 63yo brother cannot stand for any of his food to touch and eats each food item one-at-a-time. Meatloaf, mashed potatoes with gravy, corn, and a roll? That gravy better not touch his meatloaf. The taters better not touch his corn. If one piece of corn touches his roll..... LOOK OUT! 

He uses a good-sized plate and puts on small portions, then goes back for seconds.

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So you're telling me there is no end to this madness? I understood when she was little, but thought it was a phase that she would grow out of. I guess I better learn to ignore it!

She eats everything one at a time too and will get up and wash her utensil between foods.

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Being picky like that about food is so annoying! I love when we don't eat with SS. He sounds like a hog eating slop. 

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Me too! It is so peaceful to eat without SD17. Actually without any kids at the table is a nice vacation. Biggrin

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Can you just look at your plate, not make any eye contact, eat your food quickly and excuse yourself from the table? Heck don't even look toward her direction.....

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^^I agree with this.

Look at the wall, the light fixture, the china cabinet, count the threads in the table cloth, compose a poem or song in your head, pretend you're in a horror movie and if you look at SD you'll explode...

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I am really good at doing that actually! The ony times it really gets under my skin is when she is being overly verbal about her disgust.