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Hoping for the best during Hurricane Irma

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We are right in the path, but not freaking out too bad yet. However, I'm already dreading the possibility of losing power and having to suffer through, dog knows how many hours, of SD15 interaction. On normal days, we only see her at dinner time for the most part, but if the power goes out and her electronics stop working, we will have to interact. I think I would rather take my chances outside!


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Yes, but I am FEMA certified and work for the government. We are required to stay put. It is extremely stressful right now not knowing what is going to happen.

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Holding thumbs you are not hit......

think of this... no power and it's dark, with heavy storms out side, what if SD would fall out of the door/window and be swept away by strong winds, only to be located weeks later

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100% follow the advice and your own intuition. Even if they say don't evacuate.. maybe you do anyway on the safe side?

Also, just an idea about SD. Does her mom live in a safer area? Maybe it would be a better time for her to be there than in harm's way?

Hoping you don't have any problems with the storm. We are eying it uneasily ourselves.

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Her mom doesn't drive (never has - she's 38 BTW) and she lives in an area that could be impacted in NC. She wouldn't make it this way in time and back again before the storm.

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I never thought of it that way! Maybe, just maybe, it won't be so bad. But darn it, talking to her is like nails on a chalkboard 99% of the time.

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I've been listening to the radio and have heard that 75 and 95 are like parking lots North of Orlando. I definitely don't won't to be stuck on the interstate, not that we can leave anyway. DH and I are both FEMA certified and work for the government. We are required to stay put.

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Good luck hun. We just went through Harvey. It was crazy. I don’t mind staying for a 1, 2 or even 3 hurricane. But 4s scare me a bit and 5s terrify me. I can’t believe you have to stay!! That is awful. This storm is a monster. I mean a monster.

Please stay safe and have a plan. Im sure you already know to stock up on food, water, flashlights. Get all your clothes washed before the storm. Invest in a generator. That was one of the best things we ever did. And this may sound weird but I would also but some life jackets to keep just incase. But I am sure you know all of this with your job and all.

Does FEMA still suggest 3 days worth of supplies? I say no to that. Lol. I would say minimum of 14 days with a storm like this. Good luck!! Hopefully it straggles off to the east some more and no one gets it.

Oh..and I could not imagine being cooped up with my SS in this type of situation. UGH.

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I am in SW Florida in Lee County. We wanted to evacuate but could not. Standstill traffic on 75, rest areas closed, people sleeping in the cars on the side of the freeway. A 5 hour trip taking 15 hours. My mother, SF and DF are all here and will be staying with us since they are not well or able to travel. We initially wanted to go to Atlanta, but they will likely feel the effects as well. I know the building code on my home here much more than the hotel in Atlanta, and driving home could be a mess.

Not sure if it's the right decision, but I cannot leave my parents here. Most of our friends, even the ones in Miami/Ft Lauderdale, are not leaving.

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I'm from there originally, and my family all live there; some in modular homes. I'm in Orange County now. As of today, we are STILL being told that we may have to work Monday! What in the living heck. Ummm....NO!

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DH and I are at Disney world. Can't think of a better place to hunker down. We are in a 1 BR and have stocked up on groceries and water.

We did not want to get stuck on a freeway or at some shelter. Disney has an entire disaster team that will make a valiant effort to supply food and water as needed.

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This is my FOURTH hurricane. I'm all for getting out of dodge - but as hurricanes can turn on a dime we might not be any better off if we left Florida for the Alabama coast or even New Orleans.

In 2005 Katrina made first contact in Florida before heading back out to the gulf where it regrouped and became stronger before it devastated Louisiana and Mississippi.

Disney is inland plus they have tons of food and water. We are taking our chances here. None of our other options are any more safe.

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So did you just happen to be at Disney world this week or did you book it when you saw the hurricane coming in?

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We were close by - but decided to stay at Disney vs. trying to evacuate in the storm's path.

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Yeah, I would hate to be trying to travel and get trapped on the road when it hits. I hope Disney works out for you. Stay safe.

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Thanks. We decided that a king sized bed and most likely access to food and water (although we have stocked up ourselves) was better than staying at a cot in a shelter.