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Love this time of year...

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bc SD17 gets on a plane before I will even be out of bed tomorrow morning to go spend the holidays with BM, and I won't have to deal with her until January 5th! Christmas is so much more pleasant without her around, as is almost every other day. My DH even opened up last weekend that although he loves her very much, he really hopes she goes to live with her mother this summer after high school. There we have it folks. He f**ked up by not caring enough, doesn't know what to do or how to "fix" it now, and wants her to go. 

Not looking forward to SD17 coming home

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She comes back home Sunday at 7:30 p.m. Even though by the time DH picks her up from the airport and they get home it'll almost be my bedtime, I am dreading it. She is whiny, immature, lazy, and the pickiest eater I've ever encountered. I can already see her picking her through her dinner Sunday bc 1 piece of corn touched her rice. SMDH I keep telling myself only 1 more year, but the fact is (I just recently confirmed via the new school connect for parents to monitor grades, etc.) that she is NOT on track to graduate. She will most likely get a certficate of completion instead.

SD turned 17 today...

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only one more year to go until the sweet age of 18! I have a very strong feeling that after she graduates in 10 months and goes to her mom's for the court ordered visitation, she will not return (her birthday is always during visitation). We have rules and expectations after graduation, but mom has zero. Hmmm...who will she choose to live with?

That is all. Have a great day!

Only 604 more days until SD turns 18....

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She will (hopefully) be out of high school by the time she turns 18 seeing as she is supposed to graduate at the end of May 2020, BUT I highly doubt that will happen. I also highly doubt she will comply with our rules which are to be in college within 6 months or find a full-time and move out (assuming she graduates) OR become a 2nd year senior OR get her GED. I have a very good feeling that she will choose to move in with her mom (or in her words myyy mommmmy). Dear Lord, please please let this happen!! I hope she gets her HS Diploma, but go!

OT - Gifted 7th graders are suddenly not doing and/or turning in homework - HELP!

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All of a sudden this year my gifted 7th graders (13 year olds) have lost their damn minds! They are either lying to me and telling me they don't have homework or doing it and then NOT turning it in. I have done tons of research and this seems very common for children this age, but it is really disappointing and angering me. Has anyone else dealt with this? What did you say and/or do to help? Did the child(ren) eventually outgrow this phase.

Hoping for the best during Hurricane Irma

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We are right in the path, but not freaking out too bad yet. However, I'm already dreading the possibility of losing power and having to suffer through, dog knows how many hours, of SD15 interaction. On normal days, we only see her at dinner time for the most part, but if the power goes out and her electronics stop working, we will have to interact. I think I would rather take my chances outside!