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Update to Life

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Well I have moved to a new job and that has been really good. The people are great and I was going to be moving into new territory and promoting into something new....until my dad had a massive heart attack. We are very lucky he is still here with us, but he has a long road of recovery ahead of him and I chose to opt for the easier job that will allow me alot more freedom and time off if need be. Not ideal, but at the same time I realize for me that the job is just that and I would rather have more freedom to be with my dad.

BS graduated and if you need a refresher you can read up on that whole debacle with meth whore and Spawn!!! Anywho he starts college in the fall and will be moving out of our house come August...we were not expecting that, but at the same time it's good for him to grow and find his own path as an adult...but I'm still not ready.

As for meth whore and Spawn they have retreated back under the rocks they crawl out from under and we have not had any other "incidents" with them using our social media against us...but that could also be because I pretty much blocked DH's mother (MIL) from all of my stuff so she can't share with Spawn anymore.

I admit since you can't stay logged in I hardly ever comment or post because logging in every time I visit is just such a pain...hopefully that will get fixed someday.


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I have noticed that when I come to Stalk on my iphone, it saved my login information so I can click that, put in my phone password and it will automatically insert my username and password for me. I still have to click "log in" but at least I don't have to type all my info out each time. 

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My log in info is saved, I just have to hit Log In. Maybe it's saved in my browser, I use Firefox.

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Thank you I won’t lie this scared me bad, I just always figured my dad would always be strong and there 

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I can't begin to tell you how happy I am that you made the decision to have more time with your Father at this time in your life. You will never regret this. For some reason we all fall into the social pressure to climb the corp. ladder. But  so many other things are more important in life. Some people never get that. SAD.

It is sad when our children first move out and make a life of their own. We feel our job is over. But really it means we did our job well.

Sending good wishes for your son and your father. Give rose

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Thank you, after they medivaced him to another hospital on the drive there I just kept thinking this is what matters, this is what is important, and that’s when I just decided screw it im going to live for my life, not for money 

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bounces back. . .my mom had an emergency triple bypass in January and, as I had predicted, is not handling it well.  Having a heart attack was always one of her greatest fears.

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He's doing okay for now, right now he and my mom are playing the blame game with one another...she should have gotten him to the ER quicker, he should have listened to her when she told him to see a cardiologist...and he's upset about missing out on some stuff he had scheduled since he can't do much at this point.  Its just one day at a time right now, but at least we still have the time and days right now.