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Unsolved Mysteries and Spawn

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So DH and I binge watched the new unsolved mysteries on Netflix this weekend. So as we are watching DH brings up that Spawn has moved into an apartment with her new boytoy and she asked him to stop by and see it. Well my brain was still in unsolved mystery land so I blurted out:
"Well if you do go, give me the address so I at least know where to tell the police to start their search when you go missing."
DH got really quiet and just sat there for a few minutes and said "You know she doesn't hate me that much?" I responded "Well true she might not, but your ex does and the only other place you have seen Spawn was in public places...I wouldn't put it past Meth Mouth to seize the opportunity." DH sat there for a bit longer and says "Maybe I will just tell Spawn to Facetime me and she can show me her place, I mean we also have the whole COVID thing."
Am I being paranoid? Absolutely but I don't trust Spawn or Meth Mouth at all and my DH is way to trusting when it comes to his Spawn.


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of the ex spouse and her minions lying in wait to off Dad.

I watch Forensic Files and the New Detectives

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Exactly and it just struck me as odd. Spawn has been out on her own since she was 18 and has lived in many other places so why is this place so special and important that he go see it?

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I binge watched it the other day. It's so good!

The docuseries Fear City on Netflix is great too. 

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Deadly Women.   Satan looks just like those women.  And she's been involved in two deaths, one more and she'll be a serial killer.

I keep my door locked, religiously.