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Spawn IS back in Town!

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Well I guess all good things come to an end, or in Spawn's case the boytoy funding her lifestyle finally gave out or up and she had to find a new victim to leach onto.

I guess yesterday my friend saw Spawn out with Grandhag but she wasn't sure because it was a quick glance so she couldn't confirm. Well her daughter actually ran into her and Grandhag at the store last night. The daughter said "Hello Spawn how are you?" Spawn glared at her flipped her hair and sort of half waved before stalking off. I know I know she's a real gem of a person.

I texted my friend who has seen her plastered all over this guys Insta feed (He's divorced with kids, likes to beat women and abuses drugs...our towns finest right there!) So anywho I told her that we think Spawn has breached our borders and is in fact back in our territory.

Friend texted back and confirmed it as Spawn is all over this guys news feed and now is creeping into his friends feeds as well. Good to know nothing has changed there, if there is a camera anywhere within 100 miles Spawn will sniff if out and duck lip herself into the photo.

So Merry 2020 the year of the Spawn!


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"Spawn will sniff it out and duck lip herself into the photo." LMAO!!!

I've trimmed my social media to the point where I'd completely forgotten about the duck-lip phenomenon. Haha! Great imagery here!

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Oy. I obviously need more coffee as I read this as "Spawn will sniff it out and D!CK lip herself"... *sorry2*