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OT - Stepmother Story

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BD had her ballet performance this past weekend and one of the guys I work with was there. So we were talking today and reminiscing about when the group was under a different owner and how long the shows would drag on.

He mentioned that his sister used to dance back in the day and his stepmother was all into it and was a "dance" mom. He mentioned the stepmother's name and I was all "Oh I know her I used to work with her she's so sweet."

The look on his face clearly spoke of a different feeling than sweet. I started laughing and I said "Oh that's right she's your stepmom, I get it, I'm a stepmom too and my SD could not believe that I have friends and people actually like me" He sort of chuckled looked really uncomfortable then left.

Evil stepmother's unite destroying hopes and dreams of skids everywhere...le sigh!


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Yeah we exist solely to destroy hopes and dreams and make step kids lives miserable..... Lol

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For one of two reasons - he tortured HER, or supposedly SHE tortured him. Wonder what stories he would try to tell if you hadnt said that you knew her!!!!!

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Right I tend to try to hear both sides of a story when getting anything from a skid.

The woman who does my hair was a skid and she hated her stepmom, but she also admits she was a total daddies girl and was spoiled rotten.

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Me too!


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I have had similar conversations.  I think men tend to be a bit more discrete.  The women I have had this happen with have been all "but you don't really know her - let me tell you what she is like behind closed doors!"  Yeah honey.  Your perception of her as a teenager who didn't get $200 sneakers when you wanted them is completely accurate and unbiased.  *ok*

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Oh yes. We are **all** completely evil!!!

Reminds me of the time I was at a party with a bunch of graduate students as a visiting speaker at the University. I had been talking to this one girl for about 30 minutes...and we had a lot in common and were getting along great...when suddenly the subject of her stepmom came up. 

I had only been married for two years at that point and told her I'd recently become a stepmom and it was really difficult. 

She made a face. And then she said: "Well, I despise my stepmom." And her whole demeanor toward me became really cold and stand-offish, like I had the plague. 

But I pressed. Why? Was she mean? Abusive? What had she done? 

At this point, the little wretch literally put her nose up in the air like she was smelling something rotten and said: "She didn't DO anything at all. Actually, intellectually I can recognize that she's made my dad's life better. He never could seem to get anything going and she supported him, helped him manage his his business off the ground...and they paid for my college and now are helping me through grad school. But I just don't have to like her and so I don't." 

She said this in the most snotty, entitled way I've ever heard, and I was completely shocked. Then she excused herself and avoided me for the rest of the night. 

I hope the little witch gets "disinherited" by Dadddeeeeee! after her sweet, generous stepmom experiences the rude awakening that's awaiting her once she's done paying for the snot's education. 

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She has trashed me to everyone Im certain. But what did I actually DO to her? Excluded her from activities? No I tried to include her and was always suggesting to her father to take her out somewhere. 

Her big reveal of my horribleness is that I "harassed her through the door of her bedroom, this one time." 

She was being a jerk, and I told her so, and she scuttled off to her disgusting room, and slammed the door, but I had the last word (yay me), and it of course went through the closed door, because even during an argument I remain respectful.

Her big complaint is that I never did anything for her. Yeah forget about the special meals because of her being pescatarian, and forget about doing her taxes. The fake, phoney, sh1t cannot even come up with something REAL, like your example, they just "decide" not to like you, but let you do things for them, and then treat you like crap.

This world is effed up. So many entitled Narcissistic humans. Ill take my dog any day.

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I will say this CLove you are one of the more tolerant Stepmom's on here! You have put up with alot from Feral!

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WOW!! That is some self entitled crap right there! Those are the types I pray become stepmothers so that they get it back 10 fold.

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Me. Too. 

Unfortunately, they're actually probably immune precisely because they are so selfish and narcissistic. 

That's the irony - stepmoms get automatically labeled as evil, cruel, and selfish...but I think it's often women who are more open, hospitable, and generous by nature who end up becoming stepmoms precisely BECAUSE they think everyone will be as open and generous as they are. 

Then their eyes are opened and it gets beaten out of them :-/