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OT - So Cal Wildfires

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Just pray for those being affected by this, especially those who have lost their homes and all the firefighters who are out there working tirelessly.

I have a lot of family and friends affected by this right now. My best friend in currently on travel near Ventura, she arrived at her hotel Monday afternoon only to have the power go out around 10 that night and when she looked outside the hillside was on fire. She was going to leave yesterday but the freeway she would need to take to get home got shut down when the fire jumped the freeway. The winds were so bad she couldn't even take the shuttle offered from the base back here. So for now she is pretty much stuck there until this clears up.

My aunt and uncle live in Ventura and I have only gotten word that they are safe, but not much else as they are affected by the power outages. My other aunt and uncle are closer to the Santa Clarita fire and they have been sending us photos of the hillsides burning near them.

It's just heartbreaking. Please keep these people in your thoughts and prayers.


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Isn't it awful? And please pray for the animals, and the good folks fighting to rescue them.

California has been hit so hard this year. Sad

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I am literally in the middle of all of the fires burning. They are in every direction, but I am safe from being affected. So sad. Wish there was something we could do to help, but we can only watch the smoke rise over the mountain that separate us.

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Crap I just saw the winds have shifted and are blowing the Thomas fire into Camarillo...damnit! Glad to know you are safe! It's horrible to see all the destruction and know there's nothing that can be done. If the damn winds would just die down they could get it under control!

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Advice, these winds are not supposed to stop for a while. It's scary. I was just looking at a friends post, she went to help at a Ranch and they had padlocks on the stables. 29 horses were killed because the firefighters couldn't get them out fast enough. People like that should be barred from owning animals, let alone BOARD other peoples animals. Sickening and SO SAD.

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I just watched a video and it's absolutely awful. I can't imagine worrying about how much worse it could get.

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A friend of mine driving to work this morning posted a video of her driving on the 405...she was like "well we can't turn around and are being told to just get off whenever we can." There were literally flames all around her.

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It is just heart breaking advice.only2. These poor people had my prayers before your blog. Thank you so much for asking for more prayers. It could be all some of these people have left. Sending my thoughts and prayers to everyone in need.

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It's just heartbreaking....the amount of natural disasters going on, it's scary. I pray for all of them. The videos are

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I will have them in my thoughts and prayers....

and the firemen working day and night to ensure safety...

My heart goes out to the animals in danger