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OT - Happy Fat Tuesday!

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Happy Fat Tuesday all!
Tonight we will have gumbo and king cake and drinks (no hurricanes) Tomorrow I will give up cursing for the 40 days of Lent.

Do any of you celebrate Fat Tuesday? Give anything up for Lent? I used to go get the ashes on Ash Wednesday but I haven't been to church in a very long time.

I like to celebrate anytime there is a reason to and Mardi Gras has always been one of my favorites, maybe someday I will even make it to New Orleans.

So as they say "Laissez les bon temps rouler!"


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Happy Fat Tuesday, advice.only!!! I plan to have blueberry pancakes for dinner. Nom nom nom...

I am NOT Catholic, but have always tried to give up something for Lent. NOT THIS YEAR.

My goal this year is to START something. I bought myself a gym membership for my birthday and I want to get INTO the habit of working out.

Let the good times roll, indeed!

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That was mine too, but every other day I do my three miles and lift my weights and I figure at some point the fat just has to give up the fight. LOL.

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on the diet for Lent

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I wish I was celebrating! I love me some seafood gumbo and hurricanes! And King cake. Pretty much everything New Orleans.

You have to go someday, it's my favorite place! 

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You and moi both, Julie!

DH and I have been to Mardi Gras 3 times and hope to make it again before we don our pine overcoats. Acme Oysters, Cafe du Monde, the Hand Grenade, the parades, the street performers.... Simply heaven!

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Been on the diet - down a bunch - but I will have exactly 2 pancakes and a wee bit of syrup for dinner before I head to the gym. I think I need to ADD something for Lent. Not Catholic anymore, but it's pretty ingrained in me. LOL

ETA: Just thought of what my "challenge" is for Lent. Wink

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And will be designated driver for tonights hedonism Biggrin

Giving up alcohol (I think?) for lent. Whew. Have been really fatigued from giving up the sugar. I love my Chardonnay at nights after work, and on the weekend and out with friends...

Now, just a happy teetoler for the next 40 some days (and nights).