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OT - Big Man Baby DH

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So a week ago DH had surgery to have a bone spur removed, not a big deal and he has a little knee scooter to get around on for the next six weeks.

Well my DH is a HUGE man baby and if you aren't paying attention that he is suffering then he will make sure you see his is suffering.
It started last Saturday with him telling me he almost fell in the shower...I asked him how? He said it's so hard for him to maneuver into the shower seat he insisted he needed. I told him "well you have the shower seat set up really high and rather than sit on the side of the tub and then scoot across into the shower seat you have to stand up and try to step over the side of the tub to reach the seat, that's on you, you set it up that way." Utter silence from DH.

Sunday we went to my parents’ house for breakfast and DH was trying to get the scooter down a step. Rather than go out the front door with no step. SIL and I were standing waiting for him to make it over the step...a normal person would have balanced on their good foot using the wall as support and set the scooter over the step and then just put their knee down and been on there way.... not DH. He insisted on trying to ride the scooter down the step and ended up falling into my dad’s truck. Of course he's all upset and whining about his foot, which was completely fine in the boot and he never even put it down, but you know gotta get the sympathy. Even SIL was all why didn't you just do it the way I described above and DH got all pissed and was all "I didn't think that way!"

Take us Christmas Eve and Christmas. I have been doing everything for the festivities because DH is you know incapacitated. So I'm tired and just sick of his overall man baby ways. I was opening my new mixer at the counter and DH was sitting on the fireplace getting a fire going. I was busy setting stuff up when I looked over and DH was gone...okay I figured he went to the bathroom. Go about my business to look over and DH is on the floor with the damn knee scooter on its side. I rush over and DH is just laying that and I'm all "What happened?" DH just lays there and starts crying, “I fell over and landed on my foot and now I can’ get up?” So I check his foot it’s not bleeding and I help him get up onto the couch. I get him an ice pack and he finally admits he was not paying attention and trying to do something and didn’t look and fell when he missed the scooter. I made him put his damn boot back on and told him he was done, if he falls one more time I’m taking the damn thing away and he will need to use his crutches from now on. After that DH wouldn’t speak to me the rest of the day and he slept on the couch out of spite.

Sorry this is so damn long I am just frustrated and annoyed because anytime my DH has surgery he turns into this huge baby who needs tons of attention and coddling and I’m over it and over him being stupid and not even trying to think and acting like he had surgery on his whole damn body and not just his one foot!


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Hey! My DH is a man baby too...

No surgery yet. But when he gets a cold... Bless his heart you'd think he was on the verge of death!

Your DH though... He should have been scolded for that! He's a damn adult! It's not like he's a small child trying to figure out how the scooter works!!!

Be as annoyed as you want! I'd be annoyed too! I went and got wings THE NIGHT I had surgery on my foot. On crutches. He can survive on his scooter!!!

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See ProbablyAlready!!! Proof one can go on after having a very minor surgery!!

DH has acted like they amputated his whole foot!

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I had a spiral fracture and a few hairlines, that I proceeded to remove the boot and leave it and the crutches on the sidelines while playing soccer... I effectively knocked things out of place... So they went in and fixed that. Your DH will, regardless of how he feels, survive.

LMAO. For all the "manliness" men think they have... They really can be such babies at times.

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What is wrong with basic crutches?  It sounds like that scooter is going to hurt him more than the surgery.  Or is that part of the master plan?  LOL  I will never get the man-baby thing.  But so many of them do it.  I'd be tempted to rent a wheelchair and show up with it.  Smile

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The crutches hurt under his arms (I have offered to wrap them in towels) and he has to hold his foot up...eye roll.

I almost did that yesterday I offered to take him to the urgent care and told him I would make sure they give him a wheelchair and that he needs to be in that for the next six weeks.

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Oh FFS.  He would rather keep falling instead of having pressure under his arms?  Oh wait.  You don't get to lay on the floor until someone comes to your rescue when it is just discomfort under your arms!  Duh....   No crutches are not fun.  I had a period of about 2 years when I swear I could not walk 10 feet without tripping over an invisible something and screwing up an ankle.  I must have been on crutches 5 or 6 times.  It got to the point where it was just stupid!  But you just deal, KWIM?

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I can relate. My H is disabled, and sometimes it's hard to scrape together some empathy when he's the architect of his own suffering...over and over.

Drink, and hang in there.

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Lol oh yes I definetly did some drinking this weekend, I had mismosas and rumchata martinis.

The last time my DH had surgery was when we first got married and after six months of him boo-hooing and laying on the couch I told him I was taking him to the doctor and not leaving until they explained to me why he wasn't better. Doctor was shocked and asked what had changed since last appt when DH was doing so well and had no more pain...after that DH was fine.

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Early in our marriage, my DH had surgery to remove bunions on both the inside and outside of his foot. He was a miserable candy a$$ed baby of a patient, and it didn't help that the doctor made lots of stupid jolly jokes about treating DH like a king and taking good care of him.

I had to drive DH to the doctor for a post op appointment, and he had been an absolute jerk all day long. I reached my limit that day, and instead of driving straight home, I drove him to his father's house ( making sure I hit the brakes HARD several times along the way for maximum discomfort). I pulled up to the curb and told DH he could either get out and have his daddy take care of him or come home with me, but he needed to straighten up because I was DONE with his carp. He chose the latter.

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