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OT - Anybody know this BM

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The courts did everything to block the biological father from being in the sons life....what? No way!


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Excusing any issues that would say dad really is unfit of course he should have his child. This is where the court system needs to be held responsible as well as the hospitals. Every time I see my mental health doctor she can tell EVERYTHING that has medically happened since my last visit including when / if I filled medications. If the mother truly claimed cancer then that should have been easy to prove. It sounds like a case where mutliple people and groups should be held accountable. Dad should not only get his kid but something for the mental angish the court system put him through. The boy should be given life long medical care for the courts neglect and hospital oversight.

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AWFUL, and I hope she spends the next 30 years or more in jail---no chance for early release.

Dad should sue in civil court on behalf of himself and the poor poor child.

IF 50 50 equal shared residental custody would have been in place, this WOULD NOT have gone on and on and on.

Courts need to support and inforce 50 50 unless one is in the clinker.

OR prior felony convicitions.

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The BM was bad, wrong, evil, etc. But what about the health care providers? Several HUNDRED visits? Almost had him put on a lung transplant list? WHAT?!

My father had a lung transplant. The process is so amazingly intensive. How in the hell did it almost happen? 

Sounds like there are way to many health care providers in that area that are a little to eager to run the health insurance card.

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is so biased in favour of the BM the children suffer.  They should drop the guise of "best interest of the child(ren)" and admit that they act in the best interest of the BM and the local CSEUs

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My heart hurts for this poor man and his son. I am also exploding with anger that any of this could be even remotely possible. And as for putting the boy in a foster home when he had a perfectly good, invested, fully-functional father who wanted to care for him ... well, that is just absolutely UNFORGIVEABLE!!!

I hope they have thrown away the key to the "mother's" cell...

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to be skimmed if they gave custody to the father.  Happens all the time.  More often than not,  the foster care system is infested with the likes of Girhippo types.  The Gir has been both a foster parent and now she counsels foster parents.

Custody to BM?  $$$$$$$

Custody to Foster home? $$$$$$$$

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Moms like this...dr shop and will drag kids to various states TO Dr and Hospital shop.

Remember everyone...the reporter is always BM when kids are kept from bio dads... SHE made sure bio dad was out of the picture.