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Okay I am just over this new year!   DH has fallen off of his stupid knee scooter three time since his surgery, each time coming closer to hurting himself worse than his surgery ever was.  I finally had to hide to damn thing and force him to use his crutches.

Yesterday my mother annouced that she will be going to see my terminal uncle (her brother) for her birthday.  She then proceeds to tell my father that she wants my uncle to die on her birthday so she doesn't have to celebrate it anymore...WHAT!!!

Get a phone call later that day for fraud charges on my debit card, so that gets shut down, then I start getting e-mails that numerous other credit cards are getting hit.  Got them all shut down, and new ones are being sent....but  I have a girls trip to Vegas next weekend, and no we can't cancel because it's also to pick BS up from the airport since he's flying off to see his girlfriend.  Great!

Come home today to a text from my father that his sister passed away this morning from pneumonia!  Holy effing crap!!!  Seriously!

So I'm calling it, 2019 can just stop and reboot please!!!  


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Turn it off. Then turn it back on. Holy cow. Sincere sympathies on the loss of your aunt. (Your mother sounds like a whack job--but some folks just handle death in weird ways. I hope her brother is peaceful and comfortable.)

I had $4K in fraud charges a couple months ago, and another $1K attempt. I don't know about you, but I don't keep $5K hanging around to cover stuff like this. 

It's scary to get all those notices come flying in. Nothing you can do about what has already happened--all you can do is prevent more damage. I hope your bank and credit card companies make you whole quickly. Mine were really good about it. All except PayPal, but that eventually got worked out. Contact the credit bureaus and put a watch on your stuff. It's free.

Enjoy that girls trip.

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Lol I might try that.  As for my mom I admit she’s been getting worse as my uncle gets worse and part of me really wants to tell her to go get a damn psyche eval done.

Thankfully the my bank caught the charges and flagged them before anything was taken...I’m in CA the charges were in red flag.  It’s just more inconvenient going on a trip and having to carry cash.

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I live where those 7 people died on the interstate in Florida yesterday.  5 children on them were children on their way to Disney World.  It's been horrific.  I used to work as a police dispatcher so my facebook feed has been nothing but the deputies and officers who responded saying how traumatized and upset they are and how it was the worst thing they ever had to work in their long careers. 

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I saw that and it broke my heart!!! I can’t even imagine the pain the families are all suffering 

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Good grief how horrible! We’re they appropriately restrained in the vehicle(s)? Not every accident is survivable but...

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Sorry about all the bad stuff, but your description of your DH and his knee scooter is always amusing.

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Oh trust me between BD and I we have him some epic sh@t about it and had some good laughs.

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I am so sorry that you are going through all of this and I'm sorry for your loss.

Your DH definitely needs to be banned from the scooter. Some people are just not scooter adept.

A reboot is definitely in order.

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I’m so sorry for your loss , and troubles!  I 2nd starting 2019 Feb 1! That’s a brilliant idea from Aniki!

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Aw, I am so sorry that there is so much loss and stress right out of the gate in 2019.

Geez,yes a reboot is def in order.Better yet get back into bed and pull the covers way up over your head.No one home.

You have my deepest sympathy for the loss of your aunt  to your family . 

Hoping the rest of the year is better all around for you and yours,advice .only2.