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O/T - scariest movie you have seen

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(monkeyskids gave me this idea.....)

when you where a youngster - the birds, Alfred Hitchcock...after that movie I opened my budgie cages and set them all free, no bird would ever eat my eyes out.... I was about 10 years old.... then I saw the movie again as an adult and I could not believe how scared I was...

as an adult
The Descent 1 and 2...... I still have nightmares


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As a kid-The Exorcist
As an adult - The Silence of the Lambs

ETA: Another movie that absolutely terrified me as a kid was the old movie, The Beast with Five Fingers :O

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The Exorcist, Alien, and The Shining all freaked me out as a youngster. The Exorcist, mostly.

As an adult, nothing really scares me anymore in regards to horror flicks, but I will say that The Strangers rattled my nerves a wee bit.

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never watched the Blair Witch movie - maybe 5 min and got pissed off with this guy running with his silly small video cam shaking all over the place... sorry can't watch movies like this I get highly pissed of because of the shaking

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YES The huge guy with the sword arm things? There were way too many freaky monsters in that one for me.. I don't think it scared me as much as creeped me out!

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mr. brooks actually freaked me out pretty bad. i was literally checking behind the shower curtain...

i cant watch anything that my MIL refers to as "that devil $#!t." i just cant do it. but i love scary horror type stuff.

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It takes a lot to scare me cause I LOVE my horror flicks!! And honestly I find most so called horror flicks to be just more gory than anything.. like the SAW movies, Friday the 13th, etc.

The ones that scare me are the demon/devil movies. The Exorcist and the Omen scared me as a kid. I time I see a kid with the name Damien I think EEEEKKKKK who the hell names their kid that after seeing that movie!!????

As an adult, I have to say the Paranormal Activity movies scared me. I watched 1-3 all in the same night and was actually scared to go to bed for weeks after that!

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Me too Daizy!!! As a kid The Exorcist scared me. I read the book first and only once.
I also watched (thru my fingers) the Paranormal movies. I watched the first one 3 times before I would watch the last 5 minutes.
Halloween is my all time favorite and will watch over and over again.
As an adult - The Strangers. If you saw where I lived you would understand that my entire family, DH included, made sure every night that we left every outside light on including inside the garages.
These are framed an spread around my house as valentine's decorations. We add a little gore to every holiday.

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Oh I forgot about the Strangers! masks always make for extra creepiness in my book... like The Purge too!

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I have never been able to get more than 30 min into The Omen or Exorcist. Too much.

Scariest scaries I can get through, at least with eyes partially covered? Japanese horror...The Grudge. Not the American versions.

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I'm not into horror movies. I have an extremely vivid imagination and horror movies give me terrible nightmares. Never seen The Exorcist or Silence of the Lambs and have no plans to ever do so.

Amityville Horror freaked me out big time - much more so than Poltergeist.

I prefer suspense and thriller movies. Memento is one of my faves.

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I'm not into slasher films. Chef is though. I'm more into paranormal stuff.

I liked the Ring and the Grudge. We compromise on The Evil Dead (1981) pretty hokey stuff though.

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Love love love horror films. More into paranormal/monster movies than slasher stuff. My nominees:

Vintage horror: "The Haunting"....not the vapid 1999 remake, but the original 1963 version. Still creeps me out and I try not to miss it whenever it is on TCM.

Current: "It Follows"....I was glued to the screen trying to figure out who was real and who was a demon.

Other faves: Jeepers Creepers 2, John Carpenter's The Thing, The Grudge, original Rosemary's Baby and 10 Cloverfield Lane.

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I forgot about the Haunting.. the old black and white one! When I was a kid, on Saturday afternoons at 1 pm there used to be a show called Monster Movie Matinee and they would have all the old scary movies.. like the Haunting, Swamp Thing, The Fog, stupid crap like that! I NEVER missed it!! I do remember that movie scaring me. The remake was dumb. My mom and I were just talking about the original at Christmas time, she said it was the first scary movie she ever watched when she was 12!

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When we were watching Babadook one of our heavy Beatle's books fell over in our bookcase with a thud. Omg. Scary af

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Prince of Darkness

It was an obscure movie back in the late 80's I think? No blood and guts (like Chainsaw Massacre) but devil stuff. Thinking about that movie still freaks me out.

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OH! I love scary movies.
As a child - Texas chainsaw massacre, Terror Train, Halloween, the Fog, and all Vampire movies.
Now - Blair witch, American Horror Story, Paranormal Activity 1-3

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Eden Lake its a British horror film, only watched once about 7 years ago and it still freaks me out

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For me its a tie.

The Exorcist


Its Alive!

They came out as a double feature at the drive in near our house when I was ~11. My friends and I had a sleep over and after sneaking out of the house we hiked a mile or two to the theater, crawled under the fence to sneak into the drive in to watch the double feature. On the walk home we were freaked out. It was a cold fall night and there were leaves blowing all around with rustling noises just about everywhere, there were coyotes howling, and we ended up on a couple of mile horrific screamingly terrifying all out run all the way home.

Any time I see either of those movies I get the creepy crawlies... even 40+ years after the drive in event.

I love horror movies. However, I do not like slasher flicks. My mom and I used to watch Creature Feature and Friday Night Frights fairly regularly when I was a kid. The classic old stuff. Mummy flicks, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Dracula, Werewolf stuff... etc......

Films like the Paranormal Activity series and The Grudge will raise a bit of the hair on the back of my neck these days. Any of the movies recounting the Warren cases will usually get a rise out of me (Amityville Horror, The Conjuring, etc....) and I also tend to like the movie version of Stephen King stories. I like to read the book then see the movie.

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The Conjuring. (shivers) It takes A LOT to freak me out, but that one did the trick.