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O/T Punishment debate

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This article has been going round with different tails.....

1 story is punishment for taking nude pictures and posting on internet (2015)
2. punishment for bullying a cancer patient in school (2016)

Shocking moment mother shaves her daughter's head as punishment for 'bullying bald cancer patient'

scenario 1 - I do not think the punishment is applicable for the crime, she should've taken away the girls phone and threatened her with distribution of child porn... (girl is 15/16)

scenario 2 - I think the punishment is fitting the crime perfectly, and the mother is doing the right thing.... but posting it on internet, I do not agree with...

.... lets debate clean please


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I'm not gung ho on public shaming although sometimes there could be a place for it. But in my opinion any teen who has posted nude pictures of themselves on the internet has already publicly shamed themselves.

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The mother who shaved the head of the child who bullied a bald cancer patient didn't have to post a picture. Surely half of her classmates would be posting pictures of her.

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Heavenlike - not all bullies are raised this way you know... I agree 99% possibly....

but I saw this as a girl who thought she could tease a bold girl.... I would not say bully, but more constant teasing and making snotty comments etc, just to show she's a cool kid on the block...

Why I argue this, Aergia is the same.... she will make fun and nasty comments about her friend and the more other children laughs the worse she will get, I took over one time and coached her friend what to say back... friend only said one thing and kids turned and laughed at Aergia, she burst out in tears and complained about being bullied.

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oh please - Aergia having a heart and stop doing things like this - never...

she still keeps going on making comments about other people in school, calling them names etc, as long as she can be the cool kid (or think so) all is fine.. if she lies in her bed and cry like a baby, SO ignores it, I asked once what's up and he said... maybe some one told her she's a b!tch or she's getting her own medicine back...

I stay out of it..

Willow2010's picture should never publicly shame a kid. EVER. Physical punishment is even better than public humiliation. Kid learns lesson and it is over. Public humiliation can lead to depression, suicide and mental issues for the rest of their life. (Depending on the form of public humiliation.)

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Willow - if you child shop lifts.... and you find out, is it public shaming if you take the kid back to the store to return the good and apologize?

not an attack just a question

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Not at all. That is the consequence of his actions. He stole so he takes it back and says sorry. But shaving a girls head, or putting a teenager in diaper and making them mow the lawn is abuse IMHO. The lawn thing I was years ago. So sad. Way over the top.

The same consequence of her bullying a cancer patient should be that she had to go and apologize and then get firm discipline at home.

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I think posting it on the internet is the mother looking for some kind of applause. The punishment fits the crime-I think that it will really drive home the lesson for the kid. That's "one and done" kind of thing the kid will never forget. Putting it on the internet just sets the child up for this to follow them for the rest of their lives. Things re-circulate every now and then on social media so I ageee posting it on the internet and the public shaming portion-opening your child up to all kinds of internet trolls is too far.

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shaving a girl's head for posting nudie shots - i just dont see how the punishment fits the crime. there's no logical connection.

shaving a girl's head for making fun of a cancer patient's baldness? i can see that. would i personally do it? NO, that's too extreme for my style. but i can see the logic in it - you make fun of her for being bald, then you too shall suffer the same baldness. eye for an eye and all that. posting it online for public mockery? H3LL NO. wrong, wrong, wrong.

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#1: I got nothing. I use my phone to send nudie photos of my dog. Oh, wait. He's wearing a bandana!

#2: I don't have a problem with the head shaving. It puts the bullying girl in the shoes of the cancer victim. However, I think the parents should also strongly consider having their bully do community service and help out cancer victims.

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I feel that because spanking your kid is now considered abuse some parents have no idea what to do.

They want the child feel shame for what they've done and so they publicly shame them in the hopes that the kids learn something. I think that they also hope it will stop them from doing it again because their peers will tease them with the punishment if they try it again.

These days things can escalate so quickly and something that should have been a quick smack on the butt or a weeks grounding becomes a life altering event.

That girl that posted the pictures, if the police had seen them and charged her with distributing child porn, a life as a sex offender.

The girl who bullied the cancer victim, cancer victims grandpa gives her a knife and teaches her how to use it, kid almost dies, court cases, pay offs.