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i have been a step mum now since 2004 for the past 5years my step son has not spoke to me as he is sulking. we had a few rules in the house if bedroom floor not empty when hover goes through house stuff gets thrown in the bin, the child was 13 at the time floor wasnt tidy stuff went in bin. moaned to his dad caused a argument between us as his son was right to moan. Next time hovering was done floor was clear so it worked. I have a daughter who is two year older than partners son. (long story but they have the same dad we split he married had two sons, he split with wife one son stayed with us through choice) the son asked for more responsibility not long after so we said he keeps his room tidy. He didnt bother it was his way of trying to get away with picking his stuff up of the floor for me to hover. so i started cleaning it again. same old sh** i was in the wrong arrguments with his dad. Son stopped talking to me when he was 13.5 and started winging to his dad about every little thing. just to cause arrguments between me and his dad. the past is the past i wrote his son a letter as when i say anything he just looks at me as if im thick. His son then spoke to me for all of a hour this is when he was 17year old, then just stopped again. i now have a pup thats 6 month old he keeps letting her out and she jumps up when he comes in and he egnors her so she takes it out on the other dogs, she is becoming eggresive. his dad has told him 3times now that he has to say stay and down to her, but as usual he aint listerning. i have told him he has a choice start saying stay and down, or the door will be locked when he comes home so i can get the pup before he comes in. yet again im totally wrong in doing this according to his dad and we should just wait till his son is ready to say down and stay. the neighbours have dogs and my dogs attacked them as they got out. i am not willing to wait. any advice welcome as my life has become so stressful since my daughter moved out. daughter said i should of left him years ago, but appart from his son still trying to cause sh*t between us we have a good relationship. help


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well what a break through his dad has stood by me and said yes door will be locked as i am sick of your childish behaviour, his son came in to night and told dog to stay down and didnt let her out. lets see if it lasts when daddy is back at work next week. :jawdrop: