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Advice needed

How best to handle being blamed by BM for everything?

I posted about complication we have this weekend because BM having signed SO's daughter up for a sport.

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Did you know that children grow?

Because apparently BM is clueless to this fact.

We have a pretty regular retinue of whatever the kids come to us in on Friday get's washed and they wear it back on Sunday.

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An update on sports and his Saturday.

BM is playing games still. SO looked closer and the game seems to start early enough in the morning that we could all stop on the way, she could play, and we could leave after.

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His time

I got home to find SO upset. BM on her own signed future step daughter up for a sport team. Didn't talk to my partner at all. No big deal except her first game is this Saturday.

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"Parents of all kinds are welcome"

So first off I know I might get some hate for this post but the thing is I don't care. This is our family and how we handle things anyways.

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WOW he can dress himself *enter eyeroll and vent.*

Well BM just called SO bragging about how the boy whose almost 5 is starting to dress himself and we need to make sure to let him.

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No car seat. Update

So BM just posted a picture to her Facebook of my partners youngest child in the car. He is buckled in but isn't in a car / booster seat of any kind.

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But the meltdown.

I bragged a bit ago about how amazing the weekend would be then I remembered something.

Still trying to figure out how to get a 7 year old to handle failure without total melt downs.

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Weekend fun

Over the summer we started a sticker reward chart for the children. We kind of want to change up how we do the rewards BUT they both have earned “the big prize”.

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Thank you school calender

A few days ago SO got a call in the morning. It was odd because of the time. It was his daughter. She has something going on through the school in a few weeks and wanted him to be there.