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O/T Fire update... reimbursement coming

We just had an hour long meeting regarding the fire we had at our work at the end of September... They're giving us all a lump sum cash settlement.

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OT / Love this time of year

I love this time of year. I'm clearing out my garden, finishing up drying all the herbs, bulbs... preserving all the fruit/veggies I'm collecting...

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BM has requested they resume the previous arrangement

BM texted DH today letting him know she's ready to go back to the way things were before.

DH hasn't gotten back to her yet. He says he doesn't really want to, because she's...well... her.

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Need a reality check. I think. Maybe not.

DH sends pictures of SS doing things to BM.

Generally, it doesn't really bother me - because he is her son, after all.

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I'm being petty, and I don't care. :-P

It was settled that BM would take ss for a portion of the evening, and that DH would get ss back for the rest.

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Birthday Sox...ot

I've been pretty focused on knitting socks for DH lately... he pissed and moaned all winter last year about it... and I told him I'd make him some for this year.

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My kids' lists are very short.


They want cold hard cash. Super, makes it easy for me.

I'll give them each 100$ and a few small silly things, and call it a day. No muss no fuss.

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Saw this facebook post where a bio mom goes off on SM....

short story:

Dad texts BM a few days before Saturday to see if he can pick up the kids early that Saturday (10am isntead of 2pm) because he'd like to bring them to a birthday party on SM's side.

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Nope, sorry, not gonna happen.

Hallowe'en - we have plans to take the kids out. This will be the last year my son does it - he's tall and patchy-hair-faced so this is it for him.

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uggghhh stupid fire o/t

There was a fire in my office building recently.

We've all been displaced into another building... with limited tools/resources - basically, only our laptops.