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We're starting a visitation schedule...

BM has been pretty good of late. She's seen ss a handful of times recently...

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OT - OSAP and BM

SO, BM is on OSAP (which is a student financial aid program where I live).

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Negativity and new year

Noticed that many seem miserable with the way their lives are. Seems part for the course on a site such as this, I suppose. Still, there are happy endings here and there for some.

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OT / anyone raise animals for meat?

DH came home with a rabbit the other day - he skinned in, cleaned it, and I cooked it. While DH and I have both had rabbit often, the kids had never had any...

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OT / New Year Resolutions?

I'm keeping them small this year.

1) spend 15 minutes a day for me
2) spend 15 minutes a day for my husband
3) spend 15 minutes a day for the kids
4) spend 15 minutes a day for the home

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ot / my mom's friend and christmas dinner

My mom has this friend. I'll call her Ruth.

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Previous step wants to connect...wwyd

Dh was with someone for some time years ago... she had 3 daughters. Her and dh grew up together, were friends when they were kids.

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OT - so mad right now... .DH's boss

Went to a staff Christmas party this weekend for DH's work... was held in a hotel downtown. We booked a room.

Long story short, when we left in the morning, the van had been robbed.

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SS is too cute

Took ss out for a kids party thing at my workplace yesterday, with dh... and as we're walking back to the van after, ss says "my other mom doens't take do fun stuff with me"

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OT / good time for a cleanse

With holiday parties coming up... I decided last Sunday to start a cleanse of sorts...

Happy to report that from Sunday morning to Sunday morning, I've lost 10.8 lbs.