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OT / I just bought a boat

So it's only a cheap old 14 foot aluminum boat, with a 9x9 motor...

but it's still a boat...and it's my boat.... I haven't told SO. haha!

Not a lot of work to do. Re-painting mostly.

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Little set back last night

We weren't supposed to have the kid last night.

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OT/ Build a Bear

Anyone do the build a bear stuff?

I have a mystery shop coming up at a build a bear place.

I'm taking kid. I'm being reimbursed up to 70$

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Taking the kid Fishing?? F no!

We had a long weekend here this past weekend... and at some point Saturday night SO and I were out having a smoke, just kinda relaxing... and I mentioned that I was starting to itch to go fishing...

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OT / gardens

I have a large veggie garden out back - I grow stuff in my front yard too, by the house... doesn't look too tacky, thankfully..

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none of your business...

I had posted a little while back about how we're planning a fall wedding... specifically, for September 3rd.

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OT - household duties

just a little rambling

We don't "officially" split them, but SO said something over the weekend that made me think Ok, maybe we did kind of split them...

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BM phone call... walked away... and SO surprised me

This is a call from yesterday...

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Validating moment yesterday

We had a friend over.

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Call from school - bullying

My middle daughter is generally a good kid... albeit lazy at times. She's fairly responsible, and tends to gravitate towards smaller/yunger kids, she's pretty nurturing.