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O/T - when is something wrong,

Lately all off the papers covers sexual misconduct towards woman.... as far back as early 60's..

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O/T - Karma is my new best friend!!!

Well ya all know what I've been going through with the lovely Princess Snowflake called Aergia....

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O/T - Donations,

I read an article where a couple had more embryos then what they wanted, and donated to other childless couples with a huge huge clause...

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o/t - watches

It's a real struggle living in Africa.... I'm at wits end and I miss Ladyface cause she always offered to help me with things..

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O/T = to own or to rent and other financial decisions

This is not aimed at any one but a blog got me thinking...

Why is it so important to own your own house? How do you decide which is the better route to follow, owning or renting?

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Marriage or Long term Partnerships

Not to derail another posting, lets go on here...

Should a long term partner be treated like a spouse .... referring to step kids weddings, pictures holidays or what ever.

In short:

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MOTY award goes to........ and other laughing matters

Fine it's knowledge by now that Aergia moved out to BM about 2 months ago, after a huge huge incident at home.

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O/T Charlie Gard issue

I've bene following this story for a while now and well I'm sorry to say his parents gave up today,

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Happy 4th of July USA....

I hate ya all, you forgot all about me, waiting here for some vents and gossip and only realized now - you all are on holiday.... Puzzled Puzzled Puzzled

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O/T Funky Friday / EFF OFF if you want

So what ever you want to get out there today.... we can have it here..

scream shout drink kill and dance..... may day may day it's almost pay day !!!!

EFF of to the bitch who jinxed Aniki Evil