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OT / smelly coworker

I work in a pod of 4.

One of the 3 others I sit with smells.

I mean, SMELLS. Like BO... but kinda sickly, like garbage.

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slapping a sibling's child?

SS was siii-iii-iiick yesterday... lied on the couch watching cartoons, and whining/sleeping literally all day. Didn't eat anything, kept whining about his ear.

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daughter ticked me off...maybe i'm overreacting

Sunday night my DD announces she needs 20$ for a school event, she needs to pay it at the school before 8am Monday morning. She brought the paper home and showed me what is was for, legit fee..

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OT / Age for concert

One of my kids wants to go to a concert... The Weeknd... in May....

I'm not sure how I feel about it. There will be a few friends together.

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OT / Curious about bedtime

Do you and your partner go to bed at different times, or together?

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What are your thoughts on this situation?

Seems like BM and her mother/stepdad are fighting, or something. In short, she's been keeping her son away from them since Halloween.

BM's mom: grandma
BM's mom's husband: grandpa

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Extra kids around - discussion?

When your bio child wants a sleepover and you're up for it, do you check in with your spouse, or do you just agree without their input and inform them later?

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Went with SO last night for the drive to drop off SS... when SS got out of the car he blew me a kiss and yelled out Love you!! and waved all the way to his mom's house door..

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OT - Valentine's day?

Anything doing anything special for V-Day?

I'm not generally one for flowers, chocolates etc... but I do enjoy having a bigger date than usual.

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Birthday for skids - to invite other parent or no?

On my last blog about pics, someone posted something about inviting BM to birthday parties...