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lol, two steps forward, one step back

I made pizza last night... and it was set to be ready between 6 and 6:30pm...

SO gets back later than usual, around 5, with SS.

I tell SO dinner will be ready between 6 and 6:30

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how to deal with other people?

How do you deal with people who give you their opinion on what you should or shouldn't be doing, with respect of your family dynamic and "parental authority"?

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OT/ Travelling with a kid

SO and I are planning a trip back to his home... but the main issue is, that it's about 16 hours of driving to get to the ferry... followed by a 7 hour ferry ride...

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ss didn't get what he wanted

SS ran into the kitchen when he got home. He wanted a drinkable yogurt, so he asked me. I said no, dinner's cooking, it'll be ready soon.

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ss is aware no means nothing

I don't think SS did this to be malicious... I think he just wanted to prove his point..which is really scary considering he'll be 4 in June.

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difference in behavior between homes

SS has always been "active". Not doing anything "bad", but generally active.

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OT/ Tattoos

Who's got tattoos?

I have several.

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OT / smelly coworker

I work in a pod of 4.

One of the 3 others I sit with smells.

I mean, SMELLS. Like BO... but kinda sickly, like garbage.

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slapping a sibling's child?

SS was siii-iii-iiick yesterday... lied on the couch watching cartoons, and whining/sleeping literally all day. Didn't eat anything, kept whining about his ear.

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daughter ticked me off...maybe i'm overreacting

Sunday night my DD announces she needs 20$ for a school event, she needs to pay it at the school before 8am Monday morning. She brought the paper home and showed me what is was for, legit fee..