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O/T- weirdness

I have been getting a lot of FB friend requests lately.

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O/T-it's just one thing after another

I saw the dermatologist on Friday. She looked at the bumps on my nose and said they were some form of acne that needed acne stuff other than what I was using.

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O/T- possible biopsy

I went and saw the GP today for a bump on my nose. It's been there for a least a year.

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Let me count the ways in which this week sucked

DH's man cold.

SS11's birthday (not bad) but his conference was the same day. THAT was bad.

SS11's party was the next day. A school night because we couldn't do it any other night.

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O/T- It's the man cold *eye rolls*

DH is sick and like every other time he is sick, he lays on the couch moaning like his is in so much pain and dying.

It's. A. Freaking. Cold.

He has a stuffy nose.

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Do your kids know the difference

Between the washer and dryer?

I swear...these kids...are just...ugh! I have asked the skids to put clothes in the washer numerous times and they put them in the dryer.