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i knew something was fishy

ex has been rather "accommodating" here in the last 6 weeks.

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last week....

SO got mad because SD is getting a B in her class...but he was mad at me for telling SD that she has to get an A.

he said "where did you read that at? because i never saw it"

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death anniversary

Yesterday was the anniversary death of BM.
i knew it was in July but unless i got looking through FB pics for the head stone do i never remember what day.

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would you have...

stayed with your spouse if you met the kids early, went on vacations, car trips, spent birthdays together, holidays together?
or would you have left the relationship before "the point of no return"

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double standard kids have with bio parents-typical/normal?

is it standard, typical, normal that COD will have double standards when it comes to the bio parents?

such as its ok for one parent to do something but its not OK for the other to that?

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ABUSE-on the soapbox

how many women here(or men) have endured abuse in an intimate/partner relationship? how many here were a child who witnessed a parent suffer abuse? how many endured as a child?