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i decided...

I went on 2 vacations/trips over the last 3 weeks.
SD17 was gone for a week on vacation for her grad trip, just got home yesterday.

i talked very tiny bit about SD17 and college with SO.

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UPDATE: college

so, SO and SD17 sat at the computer last night and attempted to sign her up for classes.
neither of them could figure out the system and wondered why it wasn't working and signing things up.

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SD17 graduated.
shes selected a major to get an under graduate degree in, but its medical field so it will make her money and options to return for more education later.

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double standard kids have with bio parents-typical/normal?

is it standard, typical, normal that COD will have double standards when it comes to the bio parents?

such as its ok for one parent to do something but its not OK for the other to that?

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ABUSE-on the soapbox

how many women here(or men) have endured abuse in an intimate/partner relationship? how many here were a child who witnessed a parent suffer abuse? how many endured as a child?