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OT: No! Believe me the first time I said it...

One of my biggest pet peeves is people trying to convince me to do stuff I don't want to do. News flash... last time I checked, I am an adult so no means no!

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I wasn't as lucky as AJanie :(

I went up to work for a bit to clean out my desk I inherited.

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Kid Birthday Parties

Like them or hate them?

I'm not too terribly fond of them. Plus I don't have kids so I'm always the awkward one in the corner.

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OT: Mad Men

So I just started Mad Men.... and I love it!!!

Even though Don Draper can be a jerk, I feel sorry for him. And Betty too.

Peggy is awesome.

Hate Pete Campbell!

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If you can't laugh about it...

So I was reading an article from the NY Post about screen addiction in children. It was very fascinating so I tweeted it to my DH. I'll share it here in case anyone is interested:

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Totally OT: Trees on Vacant Property. Not sure what our "legal" options are?

I appreciate in advance if anyone can offer some advice.

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Blech... Why would I want to know that?!

DH pulled me aside and told me he thinks he "caught SS..." that's all he said and I guess he was implying he was doing what young guys do. Barf!

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Hahaha whoops!

So DH always talks to SS on speaker phone and visa versa. Speaker phone in general just grates on me... (I doubt I'm alone here).

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Sometimes I Wonder...

***Disclaimer, I don't condone this behavior at all, be it emotional or otherwise... I'm just looking for a frank discussion.***

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Spin Off: Showing My Age... Remember When

The concert post got me thinking. As you all can tell, I wasn't allowed to do much of anything when I was a teenager.