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OT. I could hit SO...Not really

I went to bed at midnight, last night. I woke up. Tossed and turned a bit, looked over at the clock. 1 AM. I lay there wide awake, thinking WTH, I only went to bed an hour ago.

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Interesting study...May explain a lot about our BM's and Skids....

An interesting study for those that have an overly entitled BM and/or skid(s).

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Why do skids choose to believe their mother's lies?

Can anyone explain to me why skids choose to believe everything their mother tells them even when the BM is lying and the truth is obvious and right in front of their eyes?

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Nacissism and Parental Alenation

This may have been posted before, but I thought I would share it due to the recent problems with my SO and his kids.

This is part of an article in the link provided.