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My holiday wishes

I grew up in a family where my mother had 9 siblings who also had many children. Holidays were huge affairs with so many people and lots of food. No one had much money, but everyone pitched in.

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SS32 Update to the update

I didn't realize that I'd left my other blog so unfinished. I meant to come back and add more details.

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SS32 update

DH's pathetic son update.

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Not with a bang but a whimper WWIII averted

Updating on my posting a reply to SS32's meme about "One should getting off their ass and earning what you want" when I posted " yes don't break into your father's home and take his wife's belongings.

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OMG - I think I just started WWIII

I logged onto FB. I ended up in DH's account - since I post stuff for him all the time.

First thing up was a meme from SS32 about how if you want something get off your ass and earn it.

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Need some holiday advice with respect to SS32

Background - I have totally eliminated SS32 and his GF (AKA BabyMamma) from my life after their hideous home invasion when we were on a 3 week vacation last March.

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Flood Insurance

Do you have flood insurance? Do you need it?

I have two homes. One in an area prone to floods - but my condo is on the 6th floor. I have no flood insurance.