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House Temp Issue

So many of you know we've had theromostat issues and now a furnace (although minor) issues the past week or so.

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Ok, new thermostat is installed.

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Wierd Weekend

It was kind of odd.

We had a party, which was fun, but any kind of planning makes DH short-circuit a bit.

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Hot House

I get home tonight, walk in to a very, very warm house (too warm) and SD13 in her winter coat, hat, and gloves. "Why are you dressed like that?" I ask.

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Proud of SD13

Although I have my issues with SDs (really DH), overall we get along pretty well.

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Out of Food Goodwill

I've been ok helping with some food costs for SDs, within reason. Done with that for SD13. She's been caught throwing away food and talked to over and over again. Still does it.

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Fall Update

I've not been posting for a while because things are settling down.
Or, i.e. DH has been stepping up!

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Dinner with Friends

LOL. What a night!

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What to do, what to do?

So SDs are with us for a month.

Except SD11 who is off to a week long camp soonish.

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Vacation Planning II

I posted this on another blog but for the sake of updates -

One reason I don't get involved: