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SD13...oh boy

I hate to say it, but, but, but....

I told you so!


So I feel for her, I really do. It's not all her fault but crappy parenting by both BM and DH.

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MD Weekend...

Not bad, not bad at all.

SDs were with BM a day early because of her bday so we had an extra day w/out them.

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That was Exhausting

Some weekends...just no rest.
VENT. A total VENT.
Just frustrated that my weekend was over yet again.

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Time Froze, I swear...

SD13 was nominated by her teachers to participate in a special travel program next June. Only 35 kids in her class were picked, so it's a big deal. This would be her first "independent" travel.

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Spring Break

So far, so good.

Last week DH cooked dinner 3 nights in a row! Not always what I wanted (i.e. where's the veg?) but he did it. He cleaned the kitchen and everything too.

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Vacation Planning

So DH and I agreed that we'd take the SDs somewhere this summer for a shorter, local vacation.
Somewhere fun that has a lot to do and then on the way back we can stop at a nicer place for he and I.

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BM Entitlement

Um, Wow.

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1) I think DH cleaned the SDs bathroom AGAIN for them. In spite of his statement the last time he did it that "...they will be helping me next time..." I didn't believe him then.

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DH says at dinner, "Can I ask you about something, with no judgement?"

Me, hesitantly and instantly with judgement, "Uh-huh..."

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Learning Moment

So last weekend I discovered the door to the pantry was broken, obviously forced off the rails due go the broken pieces I found.