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Fall Update

I've not been posting for a while because things are settling down.
Or, i.e. DH has been stepping up!

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Dinner with Friends

LOL. What a night!

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What to do, what to do?

So SDs are with us for a month.

Except SD11 who is off to a week long camp soonish.

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Vacation Planning II

I posted this on another blog but for the sake of updates -

One reason I don't get involved:

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I lost it last night...

So DH and I were having a lovely evening last night...until...

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Staying Out of It

Whooo boy.
Fun times this weekend and full on practicing the SM non-parent thing since you know, I've got no authority. Evil

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Responsibility w/out authority...

Yesterday morning we were out of half and half AGAIN because SD13 uses it for her cereal sometimes (dh has told her not to but you all know that's meaningless), because she doesn't want to use the who

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Door Locking Saga

Since I refuse to disengage from the issue with the house doors remaining unlocked...and no one home...

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Disengagment Otherwise Insane


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SD13...oh boy

I hate to say it, but, but, but....

I told you so!


So I feel for her, I really do. It's not all her fault but crappy parenting by both BM and DH.