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BioHo is NOT happy with me

This is a skid weekend. 'Ho usually drops off PigPen Saturday morning after DH calls to say he's awake. DH takes PP home on Sunday at 5pm.

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OT - Thundering Thursday

Good morning, STalkers!

Do you like storms? Thunder? Lightning?

Warm, gentle rain is my fave. It's soothing. A deluge that soaks you the instant you step outside? Not so much.

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OT - Women Wednesday

Happy Hump Day, STalkers! Let's talk hair.

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OT - the future of Birth Control

What would you like to see IN THE FUTURE for BC? You can go sci-fi - cuz I am.

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OT - Tubby Tuesday

Feeling like the Goodyear blimp today...

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OT - my middle name is Grace

I claim the title of Duchess of Clumsy.

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OT - BioHo's new will

BioHo is so certain that PrincASS is going to quit the Army or get booted from boot camp that she changed her will (yes, changed as in it has already been done) to leave EVERYTHING to PrincASS.

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OT - Thankful Thursday

With continuing (and new) health issues and still missing my darling Mr. P terribly, today is a day I truly need to consider the things for which I'm thankful.

* my job
* a roof over my head

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OT - Weird Wednesday

Have you ever known someone who absolutely LOVES what he/she does....and is awful at it??

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OT - Tone-up Tuesday

First off: Rags, how are you and your bride coming along with your weight loss program?