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This week...will cause me to drink more then normal- VENT

I'm already done with this week...

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Some Mother's Day Funnies for you- Cheating and Food Stamps

I hope that everyone had a good mother's day. I know that the day can be hard on some of you. (((HUGS)))

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SKids making plans with DH

So OSD has sent yet another text message to DH.

OSD: Your grandson has been constantly asking about you.

DH: Awwwww

OSD: We need to set something up soon.

End of conversation.

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OT: Aaron Hernandez

Has anyone else been following this story? I have followed it since the beginning and found it very interesting (for lack of better word in regards to the victims).

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If YSD asks for graduation money one more time...

Awhile ago YSD sent DH a text and said that she needed $100 from him for her graduation stuff, that the total was $200. DH gave her the $100.

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OT: Anyone buy a house from someone - For Sale By Owner

I am just curious if anyone has bought a house from someone who didn't use a realtor. For Sale by Owner and what your experience was with that.

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And so it begins....

DH hasn't seen OSD in about a year even though she has been living back in our state for the past few months.

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Avoiding the in-laws today

MIL and SIL (and little niece who I actually adore) are driving through our state.

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House buying and selling

We bought our house when it was a major buyers market. The house sat vacant for 2 years and we got a GREAT deal.

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OSD is going to be on TV

OSD had posted on FB about being in LA with a friend.

I thought this was a little strange considering her circumstances...