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Family Picture- Thoughts?

I was reading on another site and someone had posted that their SO's family (I think the sister was organizing) and wanted to do a family picture for their mom for a Christmas gift.

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Interesting CS order

My male cousin and his wife are going through a divorce. He fought her for 50/50 of the kids. She was ordered to pay HIM CS.

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Running from the law?

A little back story.

November 2015 SS got OVI- not alcohol but weed. (though I am guessing it may have been other drugs).

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OT: Halloween

Do you trick or treat or pass out candy?

Adult Halloween Party- Yes or No?

Favorite Halloween movie?

Favorite Halloween costume from when you were a kid?

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Pot Meet Kettle

I was being nosey on DH's FB and I saw an exchange between OSD and SS's GF (more on her later) where OSD was mad that GF didn't come over to do her laundry like she was supposed to and she didn't tell

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Something strange happened

So something strange happened yesterday.

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OSD step daughter looks EXACTLY like her mom

OSD likes to pretend that she is super SM. Even though she has hardly been around her skids.

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YSD is moving across the pond!

Not popping the champagne until she is on the plane because YSD always has a lot of big plans and thoughts and they never actually pan out.

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How would you feel?

This is just a general question. While it could apply to my life (and kind of has at times)it's nothing directly with my life. I'm curious as to what others think and how they would feel.

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OT- Locator apps on cell phones

BS12 has an android. Is there an app or something already on the phone that can be used if the phone gets lost/stolen to where I can locate the phone?