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Well hot damn!

So... I have a newish friend. She is a somewhat newish GF with one of DH's really good friends. We have hung out a few times as couples and her and I message each other, text, etc.

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A little update to texts with SIL

So I updated in my last blog how I text SIL to open the conversation up and see if she would say anything about her plans.

She tells me she is coming into town for YSD graduation.

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Suggestions on how to handle?

Okay. I know I have talked about this before. But I need real legit advice. Remodel the bedroom isn't an option.

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Thoughts on this article- Dad treating daughter like princess taking her out on dates

Thoughts on the article and the comments in the article.

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OT: Said goodbye to our cat

Ernie had been doing good the past month. Since I had last posted. The tumor had broken through and was kind of leaking but we kept it clean and overall it was "okay".

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Not to start drama

Does anyone else notice when 1 poster is missing that there are other posters missing as well?

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Too close of an embrace or are people just jaded?

Too close of an embrace or are people just jaded? What do you all think of these pictures?

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What did Santa bring you this year?

I want to hear what ya all got for Christmas!

Anything good?

Anything unexpected?

What did the skids get you and/or your SO?

What about your bios?

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Pretty sure OSD is going to skip her court date today

OSD (who lives in another state) has court today here in our state for a theft charge. (2nd theft charge)

Pretty sure she is not going to make it.

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What are your New Year's Resolutions?

Anybody want to share their New Year's Resolution? Any hopes, plans, goals for 2017.

What are you going to do to make your life better in the new year?