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How to handle?

This weekend we will be heading to States for my BS for wrestling.

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Reminder of a skid story

When things were still good with the skids and even before DH and I moved in together, etc. I offered to pay for all of us to go to an indoor water park.

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OT: Allegiant Air

Has anyone flown on Allegiant Air and if so have you had any problems? I read their reviews and they aren't the best in terms of flights being cancelled and horrible customer service.

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OT: Poll-what is your favorite?

POLL: What is your favorite?





Clothing Store

Sex Position

Date night

Fast food place

Thing about Summer

Thing about Winter

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On a totally random side note... kind of

In regards to my post today about the skids moving closer and previous blogs about SIL wanting to stay with us for YSD's graduation...

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Yelp... I should have seen this coming....

YSD, the last of the skids, will graduate in May. Which means CS will be over in less then 90 days. $600 back into our household. That is good news. It will be the last tie to BM.

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Sick Dad- Step situation

My dad has been very sick. Basically his heart is only functioning at 15%. Doctors believe that a virus attacked his heart and made it weak. A month ago it started...

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BM's latest texts to DH

BM is usually blocked but with our cell carrier the blocks "expire" after 90 days. I am now setting up my calendar to make sure she is blocked every 90 days.

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YSD to DH "Can you give BM and I another $100"

YSD sends DH a text asking for another $100 for her and BM for graduation.

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Married vs not married

Would you put up with step kids/BM drama if you weren't married? Just dating?

Would you willingly marry knowing that there is step kids/BM drama?