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So for SS's car accident that I posted about... looks like BM has a ticket for failure to control and a court date, etc. So if SS was driving why would the ticket be issued to her?

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SS and GF in car accident

So I look on FB and SS's GF had posted about them being in an accident last night. It was a rollover and she went out the back windshield because she wasn't wearing her seat belt.

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OT: Believe in ESP?

Do you believe in ESP and do you ever get it?

I definitely believe in it because I get it! My Grandma (my mom's mom) also had it.

Some examples:

I knew when my BF was in labor.

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Morbid Topic- Funerals

So not sure if I am just weird for thinking about this... but I like to think/plan ahead. LOL!

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OT: Slow cooker (and other) recipes & Food Prep Tips

Anyone care to share their favorite slow cooker/ crock pot recipes? Either ones that you prep and do same days or even some of the ones you prep ahead of time and freeze and then thaw before you use.

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OT: Cities comparable to Destin FL

I really want to go to Destin FL. Smiling I am finding that lodging is pretty expensive as well as airfare. And where I'd be flying from, the flights are somewhat sparse.

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WWYD- CS Review

Writing as a BM...

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OT: DNA Testing/Family Tree

Can anyone recommend a good DNA,Family Tree kit?

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OT: Christmas Poll

Favorite Christmas movie:

Favorite Christmas song:

Favorite Christmas tradition:

Favorite Christmas childhood memory:

Favorite Christmas cookie/dessert:

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Marriage Advice

DH and I have been having a rough 6 months or so. I need to find the best way to bring up the issues and get him to listen. When I try to talk to DH about how I am feeling he just hears nagging.