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thinking of you and your hubby, and praying his surgery goes smoothly.


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O/T - my furbaby

i just got a call from the vet, i can go pick him up when i get off work - i am beyond happy.

my baby can rest at home.

RIP, my boy.

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Sorry ladies...

I'm sorry I've only been in and out lately.

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happy effing b-day @%$^&*&$^#%$#*&&%^$

my b-day yesterday was pleasant - until i got home.

f*ck my life.

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happy birthday to me!

today is my birthday. seems to be a lucky day for me (a few years back, it was my b-day when they posted dumb@$$' mugshot as a "most wanted" Evil ) what makes today lucky is :

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u @$hole u think ur _______ is so grate

so i'm driving to work this morning in the pouring rain when this giant white SUV pulls out in front of me, almost causing a collision.

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O/T - maybe this will make some of you smile

for all those who are having a crappy day, week, month, or year, maybe this will make you smile -


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D@MN he's good

two things to remember before i begin my account of events - kaos broke his phone (and NO dh is NOT going to buy him a new one!). he is on the bus by 630a.

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HOLY $#!TSKY!!!!

ok so i check the clock and see it's almost 2p. lunch crowds are done, let me go deposit my check in the bank.

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simultaneous disengagement and engagement

yes folks, it IS possible! things between kaos and i have been........ LOVELY.

shocking, right?