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SD38 is Now Trailer Trash, No offense to Mobile Home Living

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Leech's EX fiance kicked her ass to the curb two weeks ago, she has been couch surfing through all of her so called friends for about a week, then no one would let her stay any longer at their houses. She tried asking DAH if she could come back to our house, just until she could get back on her feet with getting a job and a new place to live.

NO WAY IN Hell!! I told DAH if he even gave this stupidity one second of thought, that I would be at the attorney's office filing for divorce. DAH offered her the old travel trailer that we have stored at another property, there's no running water, it must be brought in by a water truck to fill up the cistern, refrigerator, stove and heat is all propane. The power to the trailer is batteries that are charged up by solar panels and the batteries have enough power for a couple of lights and maybe an hour or tow for a small TV, but there is no antenna or cable box for the TV, and cell service is spotty in that area, think very rural.

Leech lasted 3 days at the travel trailer, before calling BM's father for help. He set her up in one of his rentals about 10 miles from us. It's a 2-bedroom, 1 bath, 1955 mobile home, in a very old mobile home park, there's about 40 spaces and no one in the park is under 70 years old. SGD9 is loving it, and Leech is so pissed off that she has no other place to go, she must get her lazy ass up every morning to take SGD9 to school and pick her up in the afternoon. I guess she complained to BM's Father about the place and he told her that she is very ungrateful, and this place is her inheritance so get used to it. Leech flipped out and called DAH, screaming at him that her own grandfather is leaving her a POS mobile home that is twice her age. DAH hung up on her, he's not allowing her to yell at him anymore for any reason.

Leech is too stupid to figure it out, her grandfather is not leaving her just the mobile home, her inheritance is the whole mobile home park. DAH and I have known that the park would be hers, when her grandfather passes away, but the bulk of his estate will be tied up in a trust for SGD9 when she is older. It's very interesting how he has this set up: All college education will be paid for out of the trust, SGD must live in campus dorms, and a food through the college cafeteria will be paid by the trust. Once out of college, SGD must get a job and at the end of each year, she will have to submit a copy of her w2's to the trustee. The trustee will then send her a check that matches what she has earned through working from the previous year. At the age of 35, SGD will inherit the remainder of the estate, if something happens to SGD, the remainder of the estate is left to different charities. I know there's more to the trust ,but I am not sure what it is at this time. Leech's grandfather is a very smart man and sees Leech for what she is, a POS, I am pretty sure he has covered all his bases, so Leech can't get a hold of SGD inheritance.


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Leech should be grateful that you and your DH let her use your trailer for one, and I get it that it must be very rural and rustic but she managed to get updated accommodations through her grandfather and is ungrateful for that too. 

What is it with adult kids in this era? Most seem very ungrateful for anything, all so entitled. 

My skid24, was given car because he had to sell his because he couldn't afford the payments on it. He was suppose to back back the $5k to us but we haven't seen a dime. The vehicle is a Chevy Equinox, not a sports car or anything super flashy, but he should be grateful but he is not. He bitches about the car constantly, complains that it is a soccer mom's car,  etc. If someone helped me and got me a car I would be thankful and I would be paying them back. 

I see it on reality TV as well, this one young couple could no longer afford their place, daddy set her and her husband up in one of his rental houses (with an inground pool) but they bitch about the house constantly.  

You were so right to put your foot down on your SD moving in. She would have made your life such a living hell. 

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I cringe thinking about this generation, most are so self centered that nothing else matters. The scary thought is some of these POS will be taking care of elderly family members or working are care facilities for the elderly, what type of treatment are these poor seniors going to receive?

Leech will never be aloud back in my home and DAH knows to never ask this of me. I put up with some much from her over the years, I will not do it again. DAH knows that I will file for divorce in a heartbeat, if he says that she is moving back in. Leech uses SGD9 like a weapon against SGD9 dad and DAH. I stepped back and watched Leech over the years, she doesn't pay any attention to SGD9 when no one is around, Leech is too busy texting her friends or on Facebook. When someone is around, she acts like she's MOTY and is fawning all over SGD9. I really wish that SGD9's dad would get custody so this child will not be ruined by Leech.

I agree with you about the reality TV, Leech believes and thinks that her life should be like the Kardashians, I guess I am old, but the only reason the Kardashians are famous in the first place is because they're trash, rich trash, but still trash. I have gotten to the point that I don't even watch TV, all the reality shows have taken over and most of the shows are is nothing but drama. Life has it's own drama, I sure as hell do not need to sit and watch someone elses fake drama.

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That are self centred, are capable of caring for their elderly family members like parents. They will however be the ones waiting hands out for their inheritance cheque once their parents have died. They won’t help at funeral or likely visit their final dying moments at the hospital unless someone buys them a ticket or drives them there and they get reimbursed for it.

i’ve been married to my husband 4.5 yrs now, 3 skids aged sd23, ss21 and sd14. Late last year when we were arguing how he had dumped us to the side to play into his skids fantasy of imaginary happy family excluding us when hubby is rarely home during the week because of work and barely present on weekends yet has undivided attention for 8-9 hours on a weekend day only to come home and sleep, no time for us or the other weekend day because he is out with work friends etc. He claimed he had to be fair. Skids sd’s) can go 3 months no contact with hubby and he has to message them for them to say they’re busy... uhuh...

I had enough and as we’re addressing all these skid/relationship issues i asked hubby what kind of husband and dad allows this shit to continue and treat their wife like this?? What dad allows his spawn from a prior relationship alienate their half siblings this way and enjoy it? Why settle for the little crumbs of their relationship when they maintain no contact? Why revolve the world around them? They contact  you when they need favours or money otherwise dead silence for months. Respectful kids maintain a relationship with their parents and this isn’t dependent on financial benefits they get from their parents. 

I told hubby i wanted a divorce at this point as it was clear nothing would change. At this point he admitted if i left him now, skids would not care for him in old age as all 3 of them are incapable of that. They would be the ones with hands out demanding their share of inheritance and try to exclude us out... you know because they are the 1st family and all that jazz... i told him never would i allow my kids that i birthed to ever treat people this way or they would get a good kick up their arse for a reality check. This is such a failure in parenting when kids treat their elderly like this 

hubby has put me as the beneficiary of his life insurance policy should he die whilst still employed because he knows 3 skids are under bio mums influence. If she spent all the money she stole from hubbys personal accts she was not entitled to in the divorce thats her own fault. 

Hubby successfully managed to halt her efforts in divorce court to get 50% of everything as she was not a wife or a mum and did everything to sabotage his career and not support it but claimed she was entitled to 50%. Skids have this same entitlement issue... they would grab everything and leave me and our 2 toddlers penniless and claim their innocent to hubbys family.

if hubby were to die, its me and our kids handling everything and if by a miracle skids came to the hospital its to play this fake image they care with fake crocodile tears....

thats one of hubbys legacy in parenting so i remind him not to fu*k up our 2. 

So whenever hubby bullshits me with this story how skids miss me and our 2 kids, i remind him is this why the sd’s haven’t seen us in 10 months and made no effort to? Is this why ss ignores us when at home, only fakes it when daddy is home? That shuts hubby up real quick

i am moving to my country in a few months time to finish my degree, its too difficult here where we live and I feel there isn’t enough support and since our daughter will start school next year i want her to get used to being in my country beforehand. 

Never again will skids even make an effort, hubby intends to spend religious new years holidays with us, ss20 normally comes to spend it at hubbys family home. He is not welcome in my home in my country. Hubby intends to spend it in my country the next few years since our kids are in school and can’t take leave to fly overseas. This is one battle i will die on!! I will not be disrespected any further, skids are not and have shown we are not family.

sd’s have their mums mentality and behaviour, always trying to one up people. You know show they are better when they aren’t. Sd’s make no effort for us but claim they love their new half siblings. They will however tell their cousins from their mums side how they have caucasian/eurasian half siblings now just to rub how upperclass they are... i see the day coming where my kids want nothing with them and will tell their dad that they will not continue a relationship with skids as they are not their siblings. I see the day where these skids will not be welcome by my kids at my kids weddings, they aren’t family and have shown they arent.. they will however either not invite us or will just to rubbit into bio mums family how upper class they are. I won’t give them that privilege

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Shes going to inherit the trailer park as a whole? So she will be getting to charge others lot rent and make a living off of it? Or did I misinterpret that? She doesnt sound deserving of being handed anything let alone having some responsibility/control over something that affects other people's lives. 

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I am just so impressed with Grandpa on this one. That is such a well thought out plan for SGD. 

As for leech... well, she is what she is. At least your DH isn't dealing with that crap anymore.