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OT: Mayo vs Horseradish vs Tartar Sauce bottle shapes

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I am dying here, *lol* did you know that the squeeze bottle for Kraft Mayo, Kraft Tartar sauce and Kraft Horseradish sauce are all the same shape? My home office is off of the kitchen and my oldest GS17, was banging around in the kitchen, making a snack. He made some battered fish for himself and his little brother, GS15., Neither one of these idiots read the label, they just grab the tartar sauce bottle out the refrigerator and smother the fish. Both boys are famous for wolfing down food, when they are really hungry.  

I am typing away doing my reports and I hear a scream, not a boy yelling scream, but a high pitched girl scream, from both the boys. They both are at the sink, fighting over the faucet, with tears running down their faces, they used Horseradish sauce, instead of tartar sauce.


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Is fundamental.  Personally I despise tartar sauce and prefer malt vinegar.  But I also love horseradish too.