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Leech Back in Jail, Idiot

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We live in a rural area and have a CBU mailbox at the end of our street for our mail. When DAH gave Leech the boot out of our house, we changed the mailbox key, so she didn't have access to our mail. DAH told her to put a change of address with the post office. Any mail we received for her, we wrote "not at this address" on the envelope and sent it back.

Last night the neighbor, closest to the CBU mailbox, called the sheriff's office, they could here someone trying to break into the CBU. DS42's Deputy friend was taking a break and stopped by to see DS42. Deputy hears the call and catches Leech trying to use the old key for our mailbox. Leech jumps into her car and takes off, drives straight into the 3 foot deep water canal next to the road and gets stuck. Deputy does a field sobriety test and she fails, Leech is cuffed and stuffed into the squad car. Deputy runs her name to find out what the distance is on the RO for her to stay away from me. (500 yards) Second Deputy shows up, the two Deputies measure off the distance from the CBU to out front door. DRUM ROLL PLEASE, the distance is 1485 feet. Violation of RO, DUI, Vandalism, tampering with federal property.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to jail she goes. DAH was not upset at all, he was laughing the whole time. Before they drove away. DAH told Leech, "You need to understand, you are not allowed anywhere near our house or my wife. Each time you come near here, the sheriff will be called. Everyone in the neighborhood will be keeping an eye out for you and will call the sheriff. The day you hit my wife is the day you no longer exist to me." DAH walked away with Leech calling him every cuss word you could think of.

DAH and I talked late into the night, we know that she will show back up or try to start some other drama. But we are not going let this effect our lives.


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Now if I can just keep him from back sliding, we will be doing good. I still haven't figured out how to get him to think before he opens his mouth. He can jump from one subject to another in the middle of a conversation. Half the time, I look and him and ask him what he is talking about, and it will be nothing that we were discussing in the first place. *shok*

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That's my DH. He can be talking about a peanut butter sandwich and then the color of the bicycle he rode as a kid. Drives me nuts. Or he might mention "David." David your friend, or your uncle, or the barber? I just need a clue every now and then to keep up.

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All I can say is the apple didn't fall far from the tree with Leech, BM was more crazy then Leech.

It's a Cluster Box Unit for mail, instead of a single mail box in front of each house or drive, this is all the mailboxes for everyone in the neighbor in one spot. Each house has it's own box with a locking key.


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Does 'DAH' stand for Darling A$$ Husband' or...?

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It usually stands for Dumb A$$ Husband, love the man, but he drives me nuts. He retired in March, it's hard having him home all the time, with me working from home.

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Have you given your former son inlaw this juicy info? 

I nominate your DH for Reformed Disney Dad of the Year!

BTW, I pm'd you.

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I forgot to let LXH know the newest drama, Leech is just adding more ammunition for LXH to use for full custody. Send LXH a email right now.

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I read all the past entries..


You are brave.So glad that this nutbag b*tch did not cause permanent damage when she punched you. If she has that much malice and prob heightened by her drug use she could do worse than punching.

I would have been renting the house out and gone , moved away from crazeeville and this dangerous  drug addled mind psycho of a SD.

And that poor ittle SGC.9 years old she will be screwed up if that nut gets back in her life.

I hope the father gets complete and permanent custody.

You are lucky that your DH sees how sick and dangerous his adult daughter's behavior and that you have the community and the police at your backs.  

That usually is not the case. I wish the cops would have arrested the EX (BioHoBag ) for her extreme emotional child abuse and brain washing she performed on the skids when they were young tweens. That b*tch caused so much damage without ever throwing a punch or wielding a knife. 

Psycho Leech needs to be committed .Maybe  electric shock therapy woud help her once she dries out or detoxes from whatever crap poison she 's been injecting or snorting. Here's to her getting locked a long time..

By your ID..24 years a SM've altready DONE your Hell with this maniac drug addict SD .Right?

Best of luck to you ~ stay safe.


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DAH and I are coming up on our 30th anniversary next year, so I guess I have walked through the fires of Step Hell, the crap that Leech is pulling now is mild compared to some of the crap she has pulled over the years.

Even though Leech is messing with God knows what drugs and alcohol, in the back of her pea brain she knows better than to push too far. She has yet to figure out that everyone in the neighborhood is aware and will keep an eye out for her, if she shows again, the Sheriff's will be called. I have no worries for the next 90 days, a different judge revoked her probation and she has to do 90 days according to her probaton violation and voilating the RO I have on her.