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DH retired last week, SD37 is trying her hardest to run DH's life now, DH, Nope, not happening.

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DH has been counting down the days until retirement and all the things that he would like to do with all his free time. My gut feeling was that Leech (SD37) was going to try her usual BS. Last Thursday was DH's last day of work, 43 years of driving a truck. We were joking around the evening, that he could sleep in and be a couch potato, surfing the channels on the TV. An hour later, Leech calls, DH's hearing is bad so his phone is turned up loud, I hear the Leech say in a nauseating voice, SGD9 wants you to pick up her in the morning and take her to school, SGD9 just told me, she misses her Grandpa and wants to spend time with you. DH is not buying the b*llsh*t, he tells Leech, how am I spending time with SGD9 when I am just being a taxi cab to school? I hope to see her this weekend, but tomorrow I have other things that I need to do. DH then asks to talk to SGD9, This is where Leech turns around and gets herself caught in a lie. SGD9 is out with friends on the hiking trails and won't be home for another hour or so. (The hiking trails are up in a canyon that has no cell service, that is over an hour away.) DH confronts her on her lie, Leech gets all prissy with Dh and tells him fine you just won't see your granddaughter away more. This really pissed DH off and he told her that she really doesn't want to make any threats, because of all the b*llsh*t she has pulled, he would be more than happy to inform SGD9 father (XSIL) and DH is sure that XSIL would be more than happy to use that information for a custody hearing.

By now Leech has started the water works about how hard it is raising a child on her own with no help from anyone and that she is so tired. I know she was trying to change the subject about lying and playing poor me crap. DH fell for it, he told Leech that life is tough and she needed to stop acting like a brat, this resulted in Leech hanging up on him. DH just laughed when she hung up on him. DH asked me if I heard the conversation, I said, sure did, and Leech was so full of crap about being a single parent and how tired she is from raising SGD9 by herself. I showed DH on paper how many waking hours a week that Leech spent with SGD9. Out of a possible 98 waking hours a week, Leech only spends 11 hours a week with SGD9. DH was shocked by the numbers, but realized that SGD9 has not spent one weekend home with Leech in over 5 months, SGD9 is either at our house, her dad's house or spends a weekend at a friends house. Now the kicker to all this, Leech does not work, will not work and sits on her ass all the time on Fakebook or runs around with her girlfriends that have rich husbands, so they don't have to work.

So yesterday, Leech calls around 7pm, she just picked SGD9 up from XSIL's, Leech's car is breaking down and asked DH to come have her car towed to our mechanic, DH tells Leech that we are not paying to have her car repaired, she needs to get a job and pay to have it fixed herself. Leech asked if she could drop SGD9 at our house, so we could take her to school in the morning, she didn't think her car would make it to school and back. DH and I both agree to having SGD9 stay the night with us, Leech drops SGD9 at the house and leaves her flipping car at our house and has her fiance pick her up.

FYI: Leech's fiance will not pay for anything that benefits her, because she will not get a job. Thank God he hasn't dumped her or she would try to move back in here.

This morning around 11,  Leech calls, tells DH that he will have to pick SGD9 up from school this afternoon and keep her the rest of the week, then rattled off SGD9 weekly schedule for dance class and after school programs. (This is where I am so proud of my husband) he point blank told Leech that he will not be at her beck and call for her every whim. She needed to step up as a parent and figure this out for herself. He was not picking SGD9 up from school, DH informed the school if SGD9 was not picked up on time to call XSIL to pick up SGD9. DH had a nice long talk with XSIL, after dropping SGD9 at school, about the situation with Leech's car and maybe XSIL would like to keep SGD9 until Leech has better transportation. Leech gave DH the big FU that she is famous for and hung up on him again.

DH found out that XSIL offered to give Leech his extra car, since he bought a new car. Leech refused the car and said she would take his new car, but not his hand-me-down car. What a ungrateful bitch, the "hand-me-down" car is a 2014 Honda Accord with less than 50K miles on it.

The texting war started about noon, between Leech and DH, I don't know what was said, but DH uses voice texting, so about every 2 to 3 minutes I hear him saying, NO, than a few mumbles, then NO again, this went on for almost an hour. The final message I hear DH say. What part of I am not helping you anymore, did you not understand, grow the f*ck up and stand on your own two feet.

Leech shows up at 2pm with a friend to tow her car away.

2:30 pm, XSIL sends me a text message that Leech will be picking up the "hand-me-down" car later today. XSIL has a wicked sense of humor, he has a buddy that has a vinyl sign shop. They made a vinyl sticker that says "Hand-Me-Down Car" in 4 inch tall letters that they put on the back bumper of the car for Leech. XSIL was nice enough to send me a photo of the bumper.

So far DH's retirement has been nothing but a shit show, thanks to Leech. I am sure the saga will continue.


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Good grief, I'm exhausted for your DH just reading that! Leech is bloody lucky someone offered her a car. I would have told the school to call the police in the child wasn't picked up. 

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Jeepers, sounds like DH needs to start ignoring Leech's texts and calls and get on with the retirement plans.

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If you start dealing with SD.   You should let her move in and have her run your ands DH life 

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DH needs to set some firm boundaries. While it's great he has the ability to say NO to SD, he should not be arguing with her via text for an hour. No means no, and he's not discussing it anymore - she's the parent and needs to figure out how to be a parent.

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What an awful terrible no good excuse for a parent Leech is. I'm glad her ex is a stand up parent.

While it's great that he's willing to call her out on her carp, your H needs to stop engaging with her so much.

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Sounds like Leech is a real piece of work. It also sounds like as soon as Leech found out DH was retired, she expects him to become a gskid taxi service and gskid babysitter.

QI guarantee you adult skid will stop at nothing to use the gskids as pawn to manipulate grandpa. 

SD 40's would love nothing more than to have my DH become a built-in babysitter for the gskids. It's sad really. They don't acknowledge DH for any of his accomplishments; never call to see how he is doing; birthdays, etc.; yet they expect DH to come running when it has to do with one of the gskids. Because DH doesn't go running, adult skids are not very nice to DH.

I see how the adult skids manipulated some other older, retired, family members into babysitting the gskids all the time-every day, to the point these other family members don't have a life. It's awful, when they need to even attend a doctors appointment, they have to bring  the gskids with them. They can't plan vacations or day trips unless it revolves around gskids babysitting schedule. Adult skids want to live a lifestyle they cannot afford and overextend themselves to the point they cannot afford daycare, so it's cheaper to drop off gskids at the inlaws. 

Well, good for your DH for setting boundaries with Leech. 

Stay sane.

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I'm exausted just reading this! She was probably counting down the HOURS until your DH retired. Good for him for putting up boundries.

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At her demanding someones new car and not their older one. Its just manners you don’t demand to borrow someone yet alone family’s brand new car, thats just rude