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Parent app for cell phones

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So SS11's cell phone is an android. Does anyone know what is the best app for DH to put on it to monitor SS11's use? One that turns off the wifi and etc would also be a bonus. 


Extra extra bonus if it can be hidden on the phone. 


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They know more then we old people know.  Hes going to figure that out ASAP.  Then you get BM yelling you violated his privacy.  And turning SS against you.  As the big mean, controlling simi patent the Evel SM 

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Uh, he's a kid. DH can install any kind of app he wants and BM can too. 

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Check your wifi set up. We have google wifi and you can monitor which devices are on it, when and if they are being used and pause the wifi connection to any of the devices as well as set up parental schedules and other controls. Nothing is put onto the phone itself. We haven't set up the parental controls etc (as my husband is reluctant to for some mystery reason) so I don't know how good they are.

Of course this only works when the device is on your own network and not when it is away from your home. 

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We don't have anything cool like that. But we would only be interested in monitoring his use while he's here. BM has different rules. 

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It's not on modem or anything. You go into your account in browser. You set up two different accounts. One for him you can toggle on and off. One for you. I'd be surprised if your account didn't allow for that. 

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I don't have one but a lot of parents i know ise something called Life360. They can monitor every move and keystroke. 

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I have XFINITY WiFi and it lets me turn off the WiFi to any devices accessing the WiFi. It also lets me set a schedule. Skids used to watch YouTube on their phones all night. DH told him that phones needed to be off by 11pm, so I also set a timer that turned off the WiFi at that time. 

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Same here.  Everything connected to the internet had its own timer etc. skids, phones, x boxes, Mac books 

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I have an ACL on my router based on MAC address

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DD is 8 and still device free, thank god. But all my friends with older kids swear by Bark to monitor their kids' phones. I'm not entirely sure it can be hidden, but apparently it's very reliable. If you check out @protectyoungeyes on Instagram or their website they have a ton of info on digital safety. 

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Uhh, didn't BM buy this phone and pay for its service? You can't put a spy app on someone else's property. Get a router that can turn off WiFi during certain hours. The whole purpose of this phone os so contact with the other parent isn't limited, but that's why you're trying to do. AND stated you'd read anything that came through before letting him read it. You're walking a pretty fine line of PAS here. I'd be careful given the litigious nature of BM and DH over SA.

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If the CO says SS should have constant access to BM, then he should be reachable whenever she wants to contact him. You can keep the phone on the counter, screen the caller to make sure it's BM, but he needs to have access to the phone because that's what the CO says. The rules may be "no cell phone until 16", but the CO says otherwise.

Nothing stops you from telling SS that he has to keep the phone in a publuc area when he's not talking to BM. Nothing says he has to talk to BM only on that phone, so you can leave it at your house when you go out somewhere (but DH needs to hand his phone over to SS if BM calls). But adding any sort of spyware to the device crosses over the line.

Is it dumb? Yep, but your DH agreed to it in the CO. This will be another time where what you want and what is reality aren't going to align.

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I didn't say we were reading his messages. I'm not interested. Just screening to make sure it's BM. 

Anyway it's apparently a non issue. He hasn't touched the phone the entire time he's been here. Our only rule was that the phone needed to stay upstairs unless he was talking or texting his Mom. It hasn't moved except once when I suggested he use it to tell her we were going to pick his stuff up- to which she apparently didn't respond lol. 

Also, in case it wasn't clear. Both parent has the right to put the software on the phone, as written in the CO. 


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I'm in the same boat right now. I've got 2 loud skids that stay up all night on social media, doing video chats with their friends, keeping everyone awake. They've been told numerous times to quiet down, we are trying to sleep. Still, they persist. Since they aren't following the rules Im looking to restrict wifi access as well. We have the kids every other weekend. Thinking I will just unplug the modem at 11 each night. Or try to find some sort of timer as mentioned above. The kids are going to be livid...probably they won't want to come to my house anymore. Cause bio mom let's them do anything!! Bio mom bought them their phones at a young age and their phones have resulted in so much drama in our house..they are nonstop having teen drama with kids from school, ending in them having tantrums around here cause they're mad about the social media drama.


Update : I just downloaded "Bell WiFi app), awesome!! You can pause certain devices straight from the app!!