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How will BM react when she's getting less money?

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It's pretty well established that BM loves money from my DH. She actually took DH to court and ended up costing more in lawyer fees than the money she was awarded from DH. Our lawyer, on the other hand, deducted the amount awarded from his bill because DH was paying BM according to his lawyers advice. 

We're Canadian, which means every person who has a child receives the Canadian Child Benefit for each child. You are legally obligated to immediately report any change of custody. When you move to shared parenting (which is generally considered 40/60 by the government) they automatically start giving you 50% of what you are entitled to for that kid. 

DH finally sent his forms in last week. Since the change isn't effective until July, we have a bit to see how BM feels about it. I'm not sure if she is also required to report it, or how it works. I've heard of some parents not reporting it and then ending up having to pay back the amounts. 

I'm just imagining a blow up. Even though she only has SS11 half the time she will feel she's owed money for the full time. Likely to keep his quality of life during those weeks he's there. 

I suppose it might not be such a shock if she worked. But these days she fills her time with her studies (a psychology degree- go figure) and not for profit podcasts about mental health. 

Predictions? Choose from one of the scenerios or create your own. 

A) BM has also filed the change and is anticipating the reduced income. There will be no drama 

Dirol BM will not file the claim. She will demand DH send his share of the CCB. 

C) BM will not file the claim, and will take DH to court again for more parenting time. 





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A) I think there will be minor griping, but she knows it's the law and doesn't want to go back to court; however, she will start nickel and diming DH for other expenses to make up for the lost money. 

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I'm predicting that she will threaten C, but maybe not actually do it. There will be drama for sure, though...

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I predict B. I've seen how these women operate. BM will likely allow it to happen and then demand half since she feels she is "primary custodian." And if DH doesn't share, expect her to find other ways to get her money (i.e. more reimbursement for medical, school, sports, etc.) She will likely attempt to nickel and dime you. 

Our BM believes that she is entitled to CS and any additional money DH makes simply because she is SS' MoThEr. BM has requested reimbursement for school fees, lunch money, field trip money, sporting equipment, heck heck a $10 over the counter medication. She gets significant CS for one kid and works making double what DH makes, she can afford a $10 medication. But, she wants it all. What is with these GUHCBMs?!

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Ah yes, there should have been an option D. Will use a million little expenses to make up for it.