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Holy F*CK she agreed to a counselor

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Today is a day full of excitement. SS10 starts his last full week access with us before the school year, so of course BM would respond to DH today. Anything she can do to make DH think about anything other than family time. 

She agreed to the counselor DH picked, and she's even agree to let DH book the appointments. It's a fucking miracle if you ask me. DH hopes to book the bulk of them during our time with SS10 so she can't prep SS10 for crap (that day anyway). 

This news all comes from our lawyer, which came from her lawyer. So let's hope this is actually the case. 

But. Immediately following that "good news" email was another one from DH's lawyer saying BM is trying ANOTHER settlement to get DH to backpay what she considers "arrears". She of course threatens to take DH to court if he doesn't agree to pay her thousands of dollars and take on an imputed income, higher than any wage he's ever received, to pay more child support than he's ever paid. 

Seriously DH had overpaid nearly $9000 by the time we hit our first court appearance. She was claiming he somehow owed her $5000+. The judge said no one owes and she can't go back to him. DH never requested backpay on any of those overpayments. 

So now DH overpaid another few thousand dollars in the last few years and his lawyer advised he start underpaying to offset it. BM is not happy. She also has enrolled SS10 in whatever extracurriculars she wants with no regard for cost (since DH paid the majority) and now she's freaking out saying SS10 can't go into those programs if DH doesn't start paying again. Hence the request for more money. How embarrassed would she be if SS10 couldn't be in these super high profile extracurriculars that he barely likes doing. How would she explain that to all her friends who think she has all the money in the world, only to realize she has all the money in the world from her baby daddies. 

BM is all about appearances. This is going to get nasty, DH could care less if SS10 is enrolled.

hewants to go into a different program but hasn't been able to since he's been committed to this insane activity, and the cost is about a third. 

DH's lawyer basically told us to just double check the amounts they are sending are accurate but to ignore the settlement offers. 



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Well, good, that's a start.  Just buckle your seatbelt and prepare for anything and everything.

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She agreed to the counselor because she wants him content and distracted while she cleans out his wallet. 

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LOL. It's true - "see, I'm cooperating with the counselor, now you cooperate and give me $$$."

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Yeah she's out of her mind if she thinks DH is going to agree to any settlement. We were tempted to send a counteroffer where she would pay a lump sum for his overpayments and he'd start paying her again according to his income.