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The day of SS10's first counseling session

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I had almost expected BM to try to talk to SS10 at some point before his session. She didn't luckily. 

I'm waiting in the car so we can go shopping when they are done, but DH texted me when he was done his portion. He was able to get a copy of the C&A assessment to the counselor. She hasn't read it yet but she talked with DH and found out the backstory for him and BM. 

DH also told her that BM had tried to tell SS10 that the sessions were still to determine where he would live. He said the counselor nodded knowingly as if she'd dealt with this before. She assured DH that her position is only to make the transition easier and that she would not be putting in a recommendation for a different parenting plan to the courts, under any circumstances. Whew!! 

We've already booked the next appointment for DH to take SS10 during his time. BM's first appointment is 4 days before DH's second. They will not be going to see the counselor together. 

DH was happy with his portion of the session. It's about 5 min until SS10'S is up. 

I'm so nervous and excited, could this actually work?!?!


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Great, that part's good. Sounds like the therapist is used to dealing with these situations and won't be swayed one way or the other.  Now DH just needs to get BM and/or the judge to agree!

The fact that your attorney is doing this Pro Bono makes a huge difference.

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He's only taking us to trial for free. Lol. We still have to pay for all the fees up until that point. Although I'm sure he'll work out some sort of arrangement with us still. It's nice to not have to come up with a trial retainer 

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Update: SS10 came out smiling and very happy. Said the counselor was nice and that he wants to see her again.



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Good news! Glad you have a counselor who is there for the child, and can see through BM's attempt to manipulate the sessions. 

My SD's counselor (who is excellent) required DH and BM to meet together with her, not individually, prior to SD's sessions starting. At first I thought, why a joint meeting...divorced parents in conflict situations can't speak genuinely to their child's perceived issues, while in the same room. But she must know from experience that alienating parents will do a full-court press to get the counselor on their side, when separate meetings are held.

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Yes, that's smart. Good therapists learn to deal with this stuff more effectively, and insisting both parents be there weeds out those who were hoping that they could sway her to their side.

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The original plan was DH & BM together for the first 1/2 hr then SS10. But she sent out an email changing her mind for an unknown reason saying she wanted to meet with them separately. 

BM had sent an email to the counselor that demonstrated her HC personality so maybe that had something to do with it. BM also sent DH an email telling him she didn't want to do any sessions with him. So BM might have told that to the counselor. At this point we have no idea why she changed her mind. 

The counselor told DH today that she wouldn't need to see BM or DH again after their first sessions. Then there would be just 2 more sessions for SS10 and he'll be ready for the new parenting arrangement. She might change her.mind after talking with SS10 but who knows.