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Place your bets!

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**Before I write this just know, we are ABSOLUTELY FINE with keeping SS11 extra time. We don't care at all, if we had plans we would make arrangements to bring him with us or just say no to BM.**

So BM was supposed to start her week yesterday but she asked DH to keep SS11 until this afternoon because she had to work. 

So it's nearly supper and he hadn't said anything to DH so he texts and asks if he is supposed to be spending the night again and she said she'll pick him up around 6:30 or 7. 

See ya later StepDad!

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Well, that answers A LOT! 

BM and The StepDad are getting a divorce. SS11 said BM moved their stuff out the day he came here. So she wasn't working... 

DH said he wished she had told him as he would have been more sympathetic to her wanting the child support. Now the lawyers have been involved and etc when he likely would have just let it go.

She'll be getting quite a bit from The StepDad now anyway.

ah ha! The answer has been revealed!

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We've been trying to figure out what prompted BM to get a job after all this time. 

Like she's worked before but never for long term and she's never brought in more than 10,000 income. 

DH sent his first CS payment with the 50/50 share. BM asks him wtf. 

DH explains the calculations. 

BM "uh no. You still pay full child support even though we have 50/50"

DH "no. Talk to your lawyer"

So she thought she had a gravy deal reaping full CS while working. Dummy. 

A revelation- could it have been The StepDad all along?

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I came across a post from The StepDad on our citiy's social Facebook page. He was getting rid of SS11's rodent pets. SS11 was with us when the post was up, and at the time that SS11 returned home just one of the 4 rodents was left. 

I know I took down my past blogs but I'll give a bit of the pertinent story here. 

When BM went after DH for backpay of CS (which she was never owed, she was delusional about what kind of job DH had) she had just started dating the StepDad. She told DH "The StepDad had to backpay his BM over $10,000! Do you think you'll be so lucky?!" 

It's happening

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BM texted DH and asked for him to keep SS11 for an extra 5-6 hours because she has to work. 

We've already had him an extra 2 days at the start. 

Someone (sorry I can't remember who) said that SS11 will end up spending more time here then there now. Seems to be right on the nose. This is literally the first week of the new parenting arrangement. 

Halfway into the first 50/50 week- observations

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SS11 has been with us since Wednesday. 2 full days before he was supposed to arrive because BM claimed she had to work. 

She drops him off mid day, then brings his items by just a few hours later. Suspish? She's also driving The Stepdads ride, and SS11 confirms he's at home. 

Whatever I'm happy he's here but it just makes me mad that she lied. She could have just said "I'm sick of SS11 already can you take him early?" And DH would've said yes. 

Good News... Right?

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This weekend starts the first in the forever weeks with SS11 on the 50/50 schedule. He's been found summers on this schedule for several years but this is the first time it will move into the school year. We're very excited of course, we can't wait for more quality time with SS11. And he's going to overnight camp this year for the first time so everyone is excited to see if that helps him socially. 

Going down a rabbit hole

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My email is nearing its limits, so I was cleaning my inbox up using key words. 

I came across a letter from our lawyer to the law society after BM had filed a complaint on him. That lead me back to reading the email she sent where she told DH she sent the complaint. That email also caused the cease and desist order on BM and she hasn't been allowed to email anything like that to DH since. Thank fucking goodness. 

BM was unrecognizable

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I was heading for a coffee when I looked up at the person to my right of the intersection. She was laughing and smiling- looked genuinely happy. I smiled to myself then noticed the vehicle and did a double take. It was BM and the StepDad! 

She was literally unrecognizable. I've seen her smile, sure. I've even seen her laugh. But never, ever, genuinely. It was so weird. 

I'm in a new vehicle, she wouldn't have recognized it. I've seen her driving plenty, but she's always seen me so I've not seen this side of her before. 

That is all.