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This b*tch

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SS10's b'day happens to be my due date. SS10 has been excited about this since finding out. I've been a week overdue with my previous pregnancies so thinking the same with this one. DH's weekend is with SS10 on his birthday and we've planned a party. Socially distanced but lots of games and fun. SS10 has been looking forward to it, he's been looking up gifts online the last 2 times He's been here, for hours lol. He damn well knows when his party is. 

Today we posted a Baby Pool through our company page. The post says the baby is due on SS10's b'day. 

I might be an adult StepKid

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My Dad passed 14 years ago from cancer. He and my mom were very much in love. He was a great man, I see a lot of him in my DH. 

Recently my Mom has started dating. At first it was exciting, I helped her get over some emotional humps regarding my Dad and her relationship really took off after that. 

Can we talk about the good ones?

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We know they're out there. The good DHs & DWs, the amazing stepkids. Even the good BM's & BD's. (I'd be especially excited to read about those as they seem mythical). 

We're all here because at least one of those isn't a good one, but maybe at least one is? Let's try to keep the Bad Ones out of this post, as much as we can Smile

Good Ones for me:

HC lawyer?!?

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Another blog post- sorry guys. I just love the support and the insight. Although I'm getting closer to "getting it" all the time, your experience and knowledge has been so helpful for DH and I. 

After the pretrial/conference there were 2 general "conclusions" from the judge.

1 was that DH should be imputed income, decidedly because he did not believe DH was honest in how much work I did for the company and that our 51/49 partnership was inaccurate. 

2 was that the counselor would be presented with a letter outlining their legal obligations.

Is this the counseling working?

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The other day when DH picked SS10 up from school he told DH he'd been called a name on the playground. DH handled it, then when SS10 got home and I asked how school was he had DH tell me about the name. DH told me later that after SS10 had told him about the name calling that he thanked him for letting him tell him. DH was confused but didn't say so, he just said "anytime, that's what I'm here for". 

How far would you go to prove your worth

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DH's lawyer just sent an email. In order to process a chambers application refusing the imputed income he wants us to do the following:

-Get an affidavit from a competitor in our city to express the current wage of their employees

-Get an affidavit from 3 industry professionals in accounting, marketing and office management expressing their wage and experience

-Provide my previous job description with the job offer and salary

-Provide a copy of all awards and nominations I have received

-Provide an affidavit regarding my work

Who else wants to start smoking again?

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I haven't smoked in like 8 years. But for some reason when I'm pregnant and our court proceedings are coming to a big event (which seems to be only during pregnancy) I wish I could smoke. I remember the calmness I'd feel sweep over me when I used to stress smoke. 

Lol. Just dreams. I won't give in but being pregnant sure is a bummer when you have a little extra stress in the home. 

He's just so calm- the night before

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It's the night before the conference/pretrial. 

BM's lawyer has no idea what she's doing. The lawyers were supposed to have a phone conference with a judge because they couldn't get into a pretrial. BM's lawyer emails DH's lawyer all in a tizzy about how she's going to have BM on the call because she thinks the judge is going to be mad if the clients aren't there.

Tiny blog post- infantilizing

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DH picked SS10 up from school today and he wasn't wearing his glasses. He said he looked all over at school and couldn't find them. He's pretty sure he wore them to school today but isn't positive (ADHD memory). BM is at the school picking up.her.other kids. Calls SS10 over: "you didn't wear your glasses to school today? I'm so sorry!".